PUBG PC Esports has been performing pretty bad in 2019, as the general public has more or less moved on from the genre in general. Furthermore, along with Fortnite, various competitors such as Apex Legends have been chipping down on PUBG’s player base.

PUBG's original hype has died down

The 2019 season of PUBG Esports was wrapped up on Nov 24, with the conclusion of the PUBG Global Championship. Despite the fact that the series was performing pretty well with peak viewers comparable to other Esports titles, the general number of views is still not as much as expected. Because of that, various teams and organizations have submitted concerns about the stability and future of PUBG’s Esports ecosystem. The lack of players hit PUBG ten times as hard as a normal game, as it is a 100 man battle royale.

Team Reciprocity has quit the scene

There are many people that would be affected by this decrease in popularity of PUBG, such as the trading and betting scene. Without people playing, the virtual item market would crash and burn at an incredible rate, as there wouldn’t be any demand anymore. PUBG PC is definitely stumbling right now, as their figures in the betting scene didn’t even come near Fortnite World Cup’s.

Ghost Gaming's farewell tweet

The two organizations that pulled out are Team Reciprocity and Ghost Gaming, two big names in the PUBG scene. Their players are not retired and might be picked up by new teams, but the details are not confirmed yet

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Schedule for Global Events in 2020

There would be changes to the format in the 2020 season of PUBG so that the Esports scene is better sustained. There would be 4 seasonal tournaments next year, with the World Cup held in November after three rounds of qualifiers.

In 2020, it is predicted that more funds would be routed to the mobile version of the game, as it is getting more and more popular in South and Southeast Asian countries. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG? Please check out this post for a complete guide of the Sanhok map.