Peacekeeper Elite Championship, the last PUBG Mobile tournament in 2019 is almost here. It would commence on December 28, with 15 squads from various regions all over the world compete for the grand prize of 3 crores INR. The tournament would last for two days in China – the competitors were selected based on the results in Fall Split Global Finals and the top 3 of PEL 2019, the premier PUBG Mobile League of China.

A list contains all the participants

India has a big number of squads qualified for this tournament, with 3/15 teams, just as many as the host country, China. SouL, Fnatic, and SynerGE would carry the torch for Indian PUBG – out of the three teams, Fnatic is probably the best, as they have just won PMAS convincingly, even against dangerous opponents like Entity Gaming, top 5 PMCO. The winner of the tournament would get a third of the prize pool - the rest would be divided between other teams.

This would probably be the last PUBG Mobile tournament this year

The whole tournament would be played on two maps, Erangel and Miramar. 8 matches would be divided into 2 days, and on the first day, we will have the first two rounds in Erangel while the latter two would be in Miramar.

The tournament will be broadcasted on 1:30 PM IST on 28 - 29 December, with streams on PUBG Mobile Official’s YouTube. The event is held at Qujiang International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

All matches will be played in third-person perspective mode. Peacekeeper Elite is PUBG Mobile’s alternative name in China (its also called Game for Peace). Overall, it is a censored down version of PUBG Mobile, with everything intact except some violent elements.

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