PUBG Corporation recently admitted that the mobile version of their game is filled with cheaters. Its gameplay is seriously damaged by hack tools, which annoys a lot of players. In spite of the never-ending effort of the developers as well as strict ban, the issue of hacking has not been solved. Therefore, PUBG Mobile announced to upgrade the security system.

PUBG Mobile Struggles With In-Game Hacking

In a recent effort to address this problem, PUBG Mobile developers had sent players an open letter. It gives receivers details about how players can help developers to address this issue. The letter also mentions steps on reducing in-game cheats. The publisher also posts the shame list of cheaters who will be banned for 10 years. However, their effort seems to be not enough.

Pubg Mobile Calls For Players Help
PUBG Mobile Calls For Players' Help

The presence of cheaters in PUBG Mobile is still putting the game developers and players in trouble. Therefore, PUBG Corp. announced to upgrade the security system to address the issue of in-game hack on PUBG Mobile’s Twitter.

The dev. team also called for help from players. According to that, players noticing cheaters can use in-game reporting tools to let the team know cheating accounts. Base on those data, the dev team can identify and ban hackers right away. Hopefully, with the great attempt of the developer team and the help of players, PUBG Mobile can soon solve the problem of hacking.

Players Reaction To Pubg Mobiles Announcement
Players' Reaction To PUBG Mobile's Announcement

Hacking Issue Is Annoying Players

Cheaters are making game developers and players annoyed. Their cheats ruin the gameplay and gaming experience of true players. To bring gamers a fair game, the developer team of PUBG Mobile is working on eliminating cheaters.

However, it would be a long-term fight because hackers are always making new cheating tools. Therefore, detecting and blocking cheaters are not enough. The upcoming upgraded security system is expected to be efficient enough to solve this issue of in-game hacking.

Hackers Are Everywhere In Pubg Mobile
Hackers Are Everywhere In PUBG Mobile