PUBG Mobile, against heavy competition from other mobile battle royale games, has been trying to improve the game constantly. The recent 0.16.0 update was definitely a successful attempt, with various new features appreciated by the community. Some of the most notable ones are snowy areas in Erangel, FPP to TPP switch, and finally, a new EvoGround mode called Rage Gear. However, this is not the end, as the developers have just announced yet a new mode called Payload x War.

This would be a full Launcher battle royale

According to the announcement, the new “Payload x War” Mode or PXW in short, would be a combination of all the explosions of Payload with the action-packed War mode. The new game mode would also be placed under the EvoGround Group in the map selection. Overall, this mode would work similar to the usual battle royale game, with just one critical difference. You would be able to understand the developers’ intentions if you examine both War mode and Payload mode separately.

The official announcement tweet from PUBG Mobile

The War mode is rather similar to the usual Deathmatch, with the blue zone spawning at the end and disable players’ ability to respawn. On the other hand, the Payload mode is rather different, with one side employing flying vehicles and the other using rocket launchers. In the new combined mode, players would be dropped in a tiny safe zone with a rocket launcher – they would continue to fight each other and respawning after death.

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The mode was added into the menu

In other news, PUBG’s Director of Esports, Jake Sin, has left the company. This is probably because of the game’s struggle in the Esports scene. While it awarded about twelve million dollars in 2019, the leagues still struggled to attract viewers. A lot of organizations have been leaving the PC scene, chief amongst them Dignitas and Cloud9.

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