After the father of PUBG Brendan Greene left the dev team, this game has got so many criticisms from the gamer community. One of the greatest issues with this game is cheating which makes a lot of players leave PUBG. Cheaters and hackers are destroying the gameplay of this battle royale game. Having made great efforts in dealing with hackers, PUBG Corp still cannot wipe out cheaters from their game. Recently, the player community manager of PUBG admitted the incapacity of their anti-cheat system.

Is PUBG Coming to An End?

PUBG is one of the most controversial game titles in the game world this year. It was the best game ever two years ago which held the world record of player community size. PUBG was also the big brother of the Battle Royale game sort and even became a cultural phenomenon. But now, nothing left but a ruin.

Hackers Are Destroying Pubg
Hackers Are Destroying PUBG

That Brendan Greene, the father of this game, left PUBG Corp had a great impact on the development of PUBG. After his leave, PUBG has been criticized for slow and outmoded updates and content. People also say that PUBG was once the pioneer but now is left behind Fortnite or Apex Legends in updating.

PUBG’s Anti-Cheat System Is Not Good Enough

Honestly, most FPS games are destroyed by cheaters and hackers. However, PUBG can be the most vulnerable to cheating. Recently, PUBG Hawkins, the manager of the gamer community admitted that players are increasingly getting bored with this game due to hackers. He added that they had never seen so many reported accounts. The number of hackers is breaking out as time goes by.

Pubg Has Difficulty In Wiping Out Cheaters
PUBG Has Difficulty In Wiping Out Cheaters

Understanding that hackers are destroying the gaming experience of players, the developers are also attempting to deal with this problem. However, the number of reported accounts keeps increasing. On average, they ban over 1 lakh accounts every week. And in the second week of this month, from December 8th to 14th, there were over 1.16 lakhs banned. The manager also shared that they even ban the HWID hardware of those accounts.

Hack Tools Are More Difficult To Detect
Hack Tools Are More Difficult To Detect

In addition, Hawkins also admitted the weakness of the anti-cheat system and methods PUBG launched to both PUBG PC and Mobile. He shared that the anti-cheat mechanism is not effective and strong enough to deal with this problem. And now, many people are wondering whether PUBG is coming to an end.