5. Visa problems

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Orange Rock failed to get Visa to Milan

It's a shame that in international PUBG Mobile tournaments, getting a Visa is a huge obstacle for lots of Indian teams even though they were qualified.

In the PMCO Spring Split Grand Finals, TeanIND and Indian Tigers failed to get Visa on time so they had to play the Prelims in India and suffered the high ping. Of course, they had absolutely no chance at all with such a huge disadvantage.

In the  PUBG Mobile ESL Vodafone 5G Mobile Open in Milan, all 3 Indian teams had Visa problems. Orange Rock failed to attend the event in the end.

4. MortaL leaves Team SouL

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MortaL retired after the PMCO Spring Split Grand Finals

Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur is undoubtedly the most beloved PUBG Mobile in India. With his teammates in SouL, he has won the PUBG Mobile India Series in March and the PMCO Spring Split India Regional Qualifier in June. At that time, no one can deny that they are the best PUBG Mobile team in India with these feats. However, much as to all the fans' surprise, he announced his retirement right after the PMCO Spring Split Grand Finals so he can focus on his family and streams. He stated that it is really hard to be both and he simply doesn't have enough time. That was such a huge turn for his team and his fans that none could have thought of.

Later on, MortaL returned to SouL for the PMCO Fall Split South Asia Regional Qualifier and once again was directly qualified for the PMCO Fall Split Grand Finals with team Entity.

3. ScoutOP, Owais and Ronak formed a new team

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ScoutOP left SouL with Owais and Ronak to form a new team

After MortaL left team SouL, ScoutOP immediate jump into the team to replace MortaL. Even though ScoutOP is one of the best and well-know PUBG Mobile players in India. But this change didn't last long as he, Owais and Ronak left team SouL soon after due to some internal conflicts. They formed a new team called Team X (now Fnatic). Of course, the Indian PUBG Mobile community was furious about this decision, which they considered as a betrayal.

Luckily, everything has settled down now as their relationship has returned to normal now. The community has also tried their best to keep the hate away as they spam "SouLnatic" all over the chat during tournaments.

2. 8bit Thug wasn't allowed to play PMIT becasue of Call of Duty: Mobile

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8bit Thug's invitation was revoked

8bit Thug is a long time PUBG Mobile professional player and streamer who is highly respected by PUBG Mobile community in India. The man has done so much to help the PUBG Mobile community to grow this big and yet, his invitation as a guest to the PMIT was revoked just because he streamed Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile is the rival of PUBG Mobile for sure, but it didn't really justify the action of the organizer. Plus, Tencent does have big a part in both Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile development. 8bit Thug was clearly disappointed and he definitely didn't deserved be treated this way.

1. Big tournaments, poor quality

Firstly, in the PUBG Mobile India Tour, during the Group C Finals, due to constant lag and delays, many teams and players have walked out of the stadium after game 2. The first match on Erangel was re-hosted twice before they decided to play on Sanhok and Miramar instead. On top of that, there were some serious ping issues that caused players to get killed unfairly. About 15 teams refused to play and even live-streamed on their social media to show their discontent. Everyone finally came to an agreement and the tournament was resumed.

Secondly, on the first day the PUBG Mobile All Stars India Grand Finals, technical issues struck and caused long delays adn restarts. The first day ended up with only 3 matches instead of 5 matches as scheduled. The watching experience was horrendous for both people at the event and on YouTube. The second was also suffered from the same things, although not as bad as the first day. As a result, the Grand Finals received 20k dislikes, even more than the number of likes.

These kinds of problems should never happen in big tournaments like this because it ruins the experience for everyone and prevents players to perform at their best. If these problems still persist in the future, they will soon destroy the PUBG Mobile competitive scene in India.