Naman Mathur aka SouL MortaL during his live streaming session announced that he will not encourage in-game meetups. It often becomes annoying when players after watching his YouTube stream reach out to him during the game. The reason behind such a decision was after MortaL was killed by a fan on the pretext of a meetup. These incidents take place very often when fans come to greet players during a match. Stream snipers have become a major headache for game streamers which spoils the fun of the audience.


PUBG Mobile prevents in-game teaming as it gives an upper hand in a squad or a solo game. This could lead to the banning of accounts. Recently, PUBG Mobile revealed that they have banned 3,500 players in the month of September. The maximum banning period has been increased by 10 years.

Despite such measures, Indian gaming streamers are facing these issues. It should be noted that in-game meetups with famous streamers like MortaL, CarryMinati, and Dynamo are on the rise and this spoils the fun for viewing audience.

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During the live stream, MortaL said, "We will no longer entertain in-game meetups and I request my viewers and fans to take a fight instead of just meeting and greeting. Shout-outs will be given to players who kill me or my squad. We like people when they take fights and not when they drop their clothes and weapons just to meet us."


Kaushal Das, an ardent fan and member on MortaL's channel complains, "We love MortaL in action. We don't watch his stream to see other players just running onto him while watching his stream and meeting-greeting him. It spoils the fun and it often happens that on the pretext of meet up, they kill MortaL and this becomes more annoying. So it is better that meet-ups should be stopped completely for more fun and action in PUBG Mobile."

Lalit Mathur a gamer and ardent fan has another view on this issue. "I have been playing for a very long time. I watch a lot of streams and I have noticed that Indian fans are in love with these game streamers. They often don't believe in killing them. But there are few miscreants who indulge in-stream sniping. Now it is on streamer if he/she wants to meet and greet fans while in a match. Instead PUBG Mobile should take such measures to curb teaming up in squad and solo matches."