GOG has lived up with its name (GOG short for Good Old Game) until now by bringing us a bunch of the masterpiece with DRM-free and cheap price. And with Blade Runner, it seems that the storefront has done it again! Many of you might not be familiar with this title's name, but it was a masterpiece at its launch in 1997.

Blade Runner is a 'futuristic' game that takes inspiration from the 1982 classic sci-fi fiction movie with the same name by Ridley Scott. It brought us to the world in 2019 with androids disguise to blend in the world of people. And even though it seems that this vision did not become true in our 2019, who can know for sure that the one sitting next to you is not a robot?

Gamers now have the chance to play Blade Runner again thanks to GOG bringing it to modern PC. Below is the trailer of the game for this relaunch for you:

The story of Blade Runner

Blade Runner came out for PC in 1997 - the time that many of us were not born yet, so you might not acknowledge what happened in this game. Hence, here's our summary on the game's story.

Blade Runner puts you into the Earth in 2019, where the Tyrell Corporation has successfully invented the robots that look exactly like humans, calling them the Replicants. Under the project namely NEXUS, the Replicants were used as slaves, following the orders to explore dangerous areas on Earth and colonize them, thanks to their superior strength, speed to humans and having at least equal intelligence to their creators.

Blade Runner Gog Relaunch 2
The Replicants were forced to work as slaves for human despite their intelligence

However, after a bloody riot, the Replicants has deemed illegal on Earth. Afraid of their power, governments have formed a special police force called the Blade Runner and give them the right to fire at will to eliminate the Replicants.

Taking control of the detective Ray McCoy working for the police, you'll have to use your investigating skills to dive deep into the dark of Los Angeles to track down and eliminate those rebelling androids. However, it's not going to be easy, since they look and behave exactly like people, and incredibly hard to deal with by brute force.

Blade Runner Gog Relaunch 6
The detective Ray McCoy will investigate this case

Will he be able to chase the robots down? What is the truth about his humanity waiting for him ahead?

Gameplay features

Blade Runner is the most successful title of Westwood Studios that has won not only the award of Adventure Game of the Year, but also the heart of critics and gamers at that point. And even today, the game still owns the features that surpass many modern action-adventure RPG.

To be more specific, in this game, you'll take control of the detective Ray McCoy, using his skills and the special tools of the Blade Runner squad to track down the rioting androids in the streets of Los Angeles. They include the photo analyzing device namely ESPER that can separate the Replicants from humans, which used the data from the analysis AI called the Knowledge Integration Assistant.

Blade Runner Gog Relaunch 8
Use the image scanner to figure out the real identity of the people you're suspecting

Diving into the shadow of the city, you are not the only one hunting in this grim world. Instead, the Replicants is also waiting for their time to hunt you down, so you'll have to explore the crowded streets, interacting with over 100 environments to find clues and dodge enemies' attacks. 70 characters in this game are portrayed with motion capture, and each was controlled by their own AI.

Blade Runner Gog Relaunch 5
Interact with over 70 AI-controlled characters to find clues

The overall story stills stay almost the same as the original movie, but its visuals and soundtracks will make you feel like you're revealing the truth as one of the related characters. Together with the voice of the Hollywood cast from the original movie of Ridley Scott, you can feel this non-linear story in the most realistic way.

Blade Runner Gog Relaunch 4
There's a remake version of the game coming really soon

Blade Runner is now available on GOG with a 10%-discounted price of only $8.99, which you can play even when you don't have a network connection - just the tradition of GOG. Enjoy!