This month sees a Friday the 13th, so many developers find this as a good chance to announce their horror games. We can mention some of the biggest names so far, such as Song of Horror, the next Outlast game - Trials, and Resident Evil 3's leak.

The indie developer One-O-One Games is also jumping on this bandwagon as well with their latest one: The Suicide of Rachel. The game will tell an eerie story through your adventure at a hotel to unravel the mystery behind the suicide of a pregnant girl - Rachel. Below is the trailer for this announcement, which you can have a look to catch some vibes:

The story of The Suicide of Rachel

The Suicide of Rachel will bring you back in time to 1993 in a haunted hotel in Montana, US. Here 10 years ago, you - a teenage girl namely Nicole and your mother have left his family hotel after seeing a painful domestic affair. Your father - Leonard has been in an affair with another girl namely Rachel.

Rachel was actually pregnant at the point when Nicole figured it out, and not long after the reveal, Rachel opted to commit suicide. The saddening event caused you and your mother a serious trauma, and even when she passed away, she still held her wish to do something to make up for the loss of Rachel.

The Suicide Of Rachel 3
Your hotel is located deep in the mountain valley, and you're coming back to sell it

Back to the present, you'll follow Nicole to come back to your family hotel after both your parents died to fulfill your mother's wish. But when you're trying to audit the hotel with the lawyer to make up for Rachel's relatives, you find yourself stuck in the rotten hotel inside the mountain valley due to the severe weather. She has to seek help from Irving - an agent from the government and her telephones to stay in connect.

The Suicide Of Rachel 1
Featuring one of the first radio devices created

With such help, Nicole will gradually unveil a shocking event that no one in the valley could've imagined. Is this story of love and ghost related to your tragedic events in the past?

Gameplay features

As the name of the game hints, The Suicide of Rachel will tell the mystery behind the death of Rachel through the eyes of Nicole. The developer confirmed that Nicole will not be the weak type that easily scared by some random events. Instead, she'll be a strong and brave girl, and you'll have a great time following her to the very end of this haunting story.

The Suicide Of Rachel 6
Follow Nicole to explore the huge detailed 1990s' hotel

The game will mainly rotate around the family hotel of Nicole, and you will explore every corner while trapped here by the weather. The sound of rain and thunder in the background surely boosts the eerie atmosphere, and the experience in this detailed hotel will be very breath-taking.

Adding the cherry on top, the story will switch back to back from your present to the past events through the guide of Iriving through the radar. This non-linear element makes The Suicide of Rachel a lot more complicated by adding multiple layers on top of the story gradually. Personally, I found it a good take to combine both mystery and horror features, but not for everyone.

The Suicide Of Rachel 4
What's the truth behind the suicide of Rachel?

In short, The Suicide of Rachel is the great combination of stunningly beautiful visuals, a deep story with a lot of plot twists and immersive horror experience.

Release date

According to the developer One-O-One and the publisher Daedalic Entertainment, The Suicide of Rachel will hit PC on February 19, 2020.

It will be available via Steam, and if you're interested in its concept, you can pre-order it right now for a 25% sale.