This reveal has confirmed the existence of the Remake of Resident Evil 3, one of the best titles in the franchise. The leaked cover was pulled right out from Sony’s API, as it was accidentally displayed on Sony’s PlayStation Store. The game would be listed as Resident Evil 3 in the West and Biohazard RE:3 in the Japanese market.

The Cover Art for Resident Evil 3 Remake, with protagonist Jill Valentine

The cover arts for the game contain the protagonist along with Jill Valentine, with the game’s infamous Nemesis boss looming in the back. This is more or less a homage to the original cover of Resident Evil 3, with the Nemesis’s fearsome appearance. The leaks happened right before “The Game Awards, which would be streamed live on December 12 – the game might be revealed by Capcom during the event.

Resident Evil3 Nemesis Fan Art 1024x576
Nemesis is one of the most iconic bosses of the franchise

Resident Evil 3 was the third game in the Biohazard franchise and was released originally in 1999. Similar to previous installments, this is a zombie-themed survival horror that tells Jill Valentine’s story and her escape from a city filled with zombies. The titular Nemesis is the iconic boss of this game.

Re3 2
The Japanese version of the game. The uncensored Z version also gives us a closer look at the Nemesis

Based on various reports from credible sources, Capcom has been working on this game for quite a while, along with their development for the 2019’s GOTY Resident Evil 2 on the same engine. While there are various mentions about a 2020 release date, its very unlikely to happen, as Project Resistance, the multiplayer coop title of Resident Evil, will also be released in the same time period.

Resi 3
You would now be able to experience the game in 2019's graphical standards

According to a financial report back in October, Resident Evil 2 was dubbed Capcom’s greatest success in 2019. Because of that, the company would be reviving various dormant RE games by remaking them, along with the continuous development of Resident Evil 8.

They are going to pump out even more Resident Evil titles, as Resident Evil: Resistance is going to be released soon, after its successful debut in the Tokyo Game Show. Interested in more information about this franchise? Please check out this post for an introduction to the top 10 Resident Evil games.