Personally, I don't like how developers releasing their games through episodes in turns, but Song of Horror is an exception.

They're like different parts of a song - from the introductory, the chorus and the bridging parts, every episode of Song of Horror will lead you through stages of an eerie story, and people are thrilled to see what will happen next. It's especially crucial for a horror game with permadeath mechanics since you will soon run out of characters to play with very soon.

Taken this chance to announce the coming of the third episode, the developer Protocol Games and the publisher Raiser Game also announced the coming of Song of Horror for PS4 and Xbox One as well. The consoles version of the game will very likely to come in a full pack of five episodes, which is much more convenient than the finishing PC version.

Below is the trailer of the game at its launch back in Halloween, which you can have a quick look at the horrifying atmosphere:

Story overview

With its first two episode launch, we have summarized the background story of Song of Horror for you. Feel free to check it here, but if you're too lazy, below is its story in short:

Song of Horror follows the mysterious case of the disappearance of the novelist namely Sebastian P. Husher as well as family. Soon noticing this unusual event, Sebastian's friends start to look into the case. Starting from his considerate editor to his assistant, all spend a journey to his house to check for the writer, however, all evaporated.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 6
All of the people investigate in his house disappeared

The more people disappeared with absolutely no signs, the more mysterious this case be. Turns out, there's a mighty evil being named The Presence is the thing behind those disappearances, and you'll have to unravel the mystery behind it. All you know about it is that you'll die as soon as you meet The Presence without any exception.

Stepping into the shoes of different investigators, you'll learn something about The Presence before getting swallowed by the wicked being. And once they die, they'll be gone for goods, and you'll have to discover the house with another character with nothing but your experience from the previous characters.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 7
Once a character dies, they'll die for goods!

What's The Presence, and where has the disappeared gone to? You'll find out through five episodes of the game!

What's new in Episode 3?

In Episode 3, you'll have 4 more characters to unveil the story, coming with the appearance of a brand new one that'll turn the whole story. Additionally, you'll have another chance to encounter The Presence again, but in a brand new setting: the University that Hushers used to work at.

Song Of Horror Xbox One Ps4 Episode 3 2
Song of Horror episode 3 takes place in Husher's university

Episode 3 of Song of Horror continues your journey after the second meet with The Presence, this time, in Farber's antique shop. In there, you come across an important artifact that will open up a huge clue on the answer to this mysterious case. You're desperate to unveil the curse of the Hushers, but the haunting song keeps you away from the truth.

Song Of Horror Xbox One Ps4 Episode 3 5
The previous encounters give you important clues

So, in order to get over the song, you decided to follow the trails of Husher's investigation that happens both at where he works: the State University of Arts and the last place he was known alive. Enter the university with his friends, you'll risk your lives since the Presence is even more hostile.

Song Of Horror Xbox One Ps4 Episode 3 3
The Presence is even more hostile this episode

Song of Horror is coming for consoles in Q2 2020

Episode 3 of Song of Horror is planned to come out on the next Friday the 13th. In order to try this episode, you'll have to own the base Song of Horror game and pay $7.99 more for the DLCs.

Song Of Horror Xbox One Ps4 Episode 3 1
Song of Horror is coming to consoles in Q2 2020

If you're tired of this episodic release, you can wait for the consoles version of the game next year. Specifically, Song of Horror will come out fully for PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2020.