Waking up, going to work, going back home, going to sleep, every day is just the same. In an overpopulated city, your life just keeps going on like that repeatedly with no dream or desire. The adventure horror game, Mosaic, introduces players to a world that is gloomy but familiar at the same time, based on the facts of living in the modern era. You can check out the trailer of Mosaic below.

Mosaic is being developed by Krillbite Studio, the same developer of  Among the Sleep. The game's visual style with black and gray colors might remind you of the puzzle game Inside, but it is actually a story-driven game that focuses more on the plot than challenging puzzles.

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The main character's life is meaningless and dull

The main character lives a repetitive lonely life day by day, occasionally distracted by his phone with work messages he doesn't care about. But, one day, something strange starts to happen on your way to work and changes everything.

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The only unexpected things in his life are work notification on his phone which he doesn't care about

A developer of Mosaic, Torstein Vien said that the game was inspired by their own feeling when they moved from rural areas in Norway to the capital, Oslo. He told that the game would show players the feeling of being stuck in a capitalist system that "oppresses you just as much as it claims to help you." Also, he claimed that there would be several characters for players to try out different experiences in the city.

Mosaic is going to be released on December 5, 2019, for PC (Steam). There is no detail about the PS4 and Xbox One versions so far. You can pre-order the game now to get the Mosaic 1% Edition, which includes the game, Original Soundtrack and the 1% DLC.