Rally racing is a wonderful art to every true racer, to race in the real world under all kinds of conditions and environments. It is the oldest and the most classic type of racing. You don't know what the road ahead will look like or how hard you need to turn or how to deal with slippery roads full of rain and snow. 'art of rally' is coming for you to experience all of it in the golden era of rally.  Let take a look at the trailer of 'art of rally' first.

art of rally is developed by Funselektor Labs Inc., the same developer of Absolute Drift. You will control your car and drift from the top-down view. This way, you can easily see the road ahead and prepare beforehand instead of having pace-notes. You can choose one for more than 30 iconic types of cars from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each car will have its own quirks and handling, some can be very slippery while some are very stable.

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The game features many stages in different environments such as rain or snow

The game inherited all the mechanics from Absolute driver with a few on the handling model to make the game less punishing. There is also a driving assist setting so the game can be friendlier to new players while still very challenging for expert players.

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You might have to drive in the night

There is a total of 50 rally stages from different countries such as Sardinia, Norway, Japan, Germany, and Finland. Each stage will have its own beautiful scenery under many different types of environments and times of the day. It could be sunny, rainy or snowy under the board daylight or in the night.

art of rally is going to be released in 2020 for PC (Steam).