In case you are on the look for an intense, fully-premium racing experience, then Table Top Racing is the one for you. Brought to us by Playrise Digital Ltd, this is basically a combat-racer that features high-octane gameplay and console-quality visuals. Players will no doubt be able to get many hours of fun challenges from this one, be they veterans or newcomers to the racing genre.  f

Since its original release in 2013, Table Top Racing has won multiple awards, and what makes it even better is that, right now, you can get it for free.

Console graded game on the go

Table Top Racing Premium Is Free Right Now Go Get
It is a combat-heavy racing title featuring high-0ctane gameplay and stunning visuals

In general, in TTR, you will race with your tiny cars over many oversized obstacles. If you are a fan of the racing genre but do not like things that are too realistic, then you should feel right at home here. There are also many things for you to explore, from upgrading your vehicles from the garage to mastering the wheel and explore the limits of your car's circuit.

Table Top Racing Premium Is Free Right Now Go Get
There are many options for customization in this title.

TTR features an impressive arsenal of power-ups, weapons, tracks, and cars, all of which are made with console-like standards.  As you play, you will be able to unlock more cars and upgrades, thus expanding the weapons arsenal to blast through the tracks.

Speaking of which, the game features 7 game modes, 17 vehicles; 8 tracks; and many more.

Table Top Racing Premium Is Free Right Now Go Get
Drive and fight your way through the oversized obstacles while gathering coins to upgrade your vehicles.

There is a free version of Table Top Racing available on the Google Play, but would you play it while there the premium version is also free right now? With this, you won't have to worry about wait timers, coin grinding, adverts. Of course, you could still pay for the in-game items, but playing and unlocking everything in the process is undoubtedly a lot more fun!