Super Impossible Road is a fast-paced racing game in which you’ll be sliding, leaping, and even cheating your way to success. To be fair, the term “cheating” is used rather loosely here, as this latest offering from developer Wonder Lasers doesn’t really have any rules to it. The game allegedly rewards quick thinking, improvisation, and boldness, since a big part of the challenge lies in knowing when to stick to the track and when to take risks. Check out the game’s trailer below:

As far as we know, Super Impossible Road has spent quite a long time in development. We could find some of its early gameplay footage that dates all the way back to 2015, and a beta version was available on Steam until just recently.

In any case, the trailers and screenshots suggest that this upcoming release has a lot of similarities with the excellent ‘action-rhythm’ game Thumper, which is definitely a good thing. After all, scorching suns, black holes, and general space setting do make a fitting theme for such an intense game.

Super Impossible Road Screenshot 0087
Super Impossible Road has a lot of similarities with Thumper

When it comes to the gameplay, Super Impossible Road offers an extensive career mode for you to play through, and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can also hop into the online multiplayer mode to compete against up to 7 other players. The tracks, meanwhile, are all randomly-generated, meaning you will have to constantly adapt and mix up your strategies. And of course, in order to keep the frantic races smooth, everything will be presented in a satisfying 60fps.

Super Impossible Road Screenshot 0090 2
Compete against up to 7 others in the online multiplayer mode

Super Impossible Road is set to launch on Apple Arcade, though we still don’t know an exact release date yet. Of course, being part of Apple’s new gaming subscription service – which will become available this Thursday – means the game will not include any ads or IAPs.