OverDrive - not to be confused with the upcoming Overdrive City that we reported on last week - is a new rhythm-based racing game in which you'll drive your car down neon-illuminated streets enjoying original synth soundtracks along the way. The game is now available for both Android and iOS.

Similar to other rhythm games, OverDrive is all about performing the right action at the appropriate moment. Here, you’ll find yourself zooming down streets with 3 lanes and must swap between them as needed by tapping on the two sides of your screen. Of course, your reactions will play a crucial role here, but if you manage to sync up with the beat, it’ll make the entire affair much easier as you’ll be able to actually anticipate the chances before it comes rather than having to respond within a split-second window.

Overdrive Ios Android Gameplay 4d16_wm
Switch between lanes to hit the notes and avoid obstacles

In addition to jumping across lanes to try to hit every note that comes up, there are also various obstacles such as traffic cones and other vehicles to avoid. If you hit them, your fuel level will be reduced. The same goes for missing a note. Needless to say, if you run out of fuel, it’s game over.

Visually speaking, the game looks very impressive, not only thanks to the neon aesthetic but also to the fact that the stages will change based on the song and your performance.  As you progress, you’ll see that the buildings start to nod along with the music, while the sun pulses in sync with the beat as well.

Overdrive Ios Android Featured 85fd_wm
The visuals are impressive

The levels are littered with coins that you can collect to then spend on car skins and trails. Alternately, you can also obtain these coins by completing challenges and beating the required songs.

Overdrive Ios Android Gameplay 2 672e_wm
Your surroundings will change as you go

OverDrive is current up for download on both Google Play and the App Store as a free-to-play game with IAPs included.