Developer Gameloft has just announced a brand new mobile game, and it's undoubtedly going to be a delight for the car enthusiasts out there. Overdrive City is described as a massive celebration of car culture, as it’ll allow you not only to race in, but also to build and collect a wide variety of iconic vehicles.

In the beginning, your first task will be to establish your very own city, which will serve as your manufacturing base. At launch, the game will feature 50 cars for you to collect, upgrade, and customize to your heart’s content, all of which come from renowned brands such as Ford, Porsche, and BMW.

Overdrive City Ios Screenshot City 095f_wm
Build your own city to act as your manufacturing base

Meanwhile, showrooms and custom racetracks will be how you show off your ever-expanding collection. Overdrive City also has some social aspects to it too, with you having the ability to exchange cars and parts with others on the internet.

When you feel like your creations are ready to be put to the test, you enter the career mode and work your way toward becoming a racing champion. Here, you’ll be competing against other racers to climb the rank and win awesome prizes.

Overdrive City C53e_wm
Plenty of cars coming from famous brands

There are only a few screenshots of the game available, so it’s not quite clear how much control you’ll actually have during the races. Hopefully it will be an actual racing experience and not just simply holding a button and hope your car is the fastest of the pack.

Overdrive City Ios Screenshot Racing 523f_wm
Hopefully we'll get a fully-fledged racing experience

A beta test for Overdrive City is reportedly running “in select regions” at the moment, though it has not been specified which regions these are. The game is now available for pre-registration on Google Play and is also promised to be coming to iOS in 2020 as well, so iOS users need not fear being left out. For more information, visit the official website of Gameloft.