KartRider is the long-running franchise from NEXON - the famous publisher in Korean. Starting its race from 2004, the original game has attracted over 300 million players in Asia alone and has become an outstanding esports game in Korea.

And recently at X014, NEXON is very excited to announce that the next game in the franchise - KartRider: Drift is coming for Xbox One and Xbox One X! This is great news for worldwide fans of the frantic racing games, and even better as it's going to be completely free to play at launch!

Below is the trailer for this announcement, which you can have a look at the fast-paced drifting actions of KartRider: Drift:

Overview on KartRider: Drift

As the newest title in the franchise, KartRider: Drift is the most ambitious title that NEXON has put a lot of effort into the making. It wants the game to be suitable for every kind of gamers, so the KartRider: Drift is completely free-to-play and easy to catch up as well.

You can enjoy it on both PC and Xbox One, and KartRider: Drift will pack you and your friends in the same race even though you're playing on different devices. Furthermore, when I say free-to-play, I mean it's also free-to-win as well. The microtransactions might still exist but it's only for the accessories and cosmetics, and the whole outcome of the race will depend on your driving skills.

Kart Rider Drift Announced 2
KartRider: Drift is free-to-play and has no pay-to-win features!

Speaking about multiplayer, the game does not only support online races but also couch co-op as well. You can either race alone with random people or friends, or invite your pals in for split-screen high-definition racing experiences  NEXON has enhanced the graphics of the game with Unreal Engine 4, making its visuals stunningly beautiful, especially with the cool drift in the race.

Kart Rider Drift Announced 5
The vibrant visuals are powered by Unreal Engine 4

The scenery is not the only beautiful thing in this game. In detail, KartRider: Drift also allows you to customize both your karts and your characters. You can change the paint color of your rides, as well as adding patterns and accessories to make your characters really stand out in the adrenaline-raising races.

Kart Rider Drift Announced 4
What's the point being the winner without looking stylish!

Multiple play modes

KartRider: Drift offers various play modes for certain types of gamers to catch up with. If you're new to the game and the genre, the Item Mode is perfect for the first race, as it's easy to learn, no penalty whatsoever, and have a lot of items to add to the fun. But if you want something more competitive, the Speed Mode is basically a Rank mode for you to climb to the top of the chart.

Kart Rider Drift Announced 3
Featuring multiple play modes for you to enjoy!

With the Speed Mode, the maps are less forgiving, as there are a lot of sharp turns that will put your steering skills to a real test. You can expect a lot of cool drifts as well as intensive races that you can never guess who will be the first one to cross the finish line.

And last but not least, KartRider: Drift is aiming to go big, so NEXON has packed a lot of karts, character designs, and maps to the game now. It also confirmed that there will be Seasonal contents coming regularly in the future, which will bring more motivation for you to grind.

Kart Rider Drift Announced 6
Seasonal updates coming gradually in the future

Closed beta available soon

KartRider: Drift will come out at an unknown date in 2020 for Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC via Steam and Nexon Launcher.

It still has a long ride to cover, but if you're interested, you can try your luck and register for the first Closed Beta state of the game now. Basically you only need to fill in an easy form before December 3, and you can head to the game's site for further information.