The race of Mario Kart Tour has just begun, and we already have the numbers. From the look of it, the title seems to have a good head start when we consider its staggering number of downloads.

Two days after release, Apptopia has already revealed the sky-high number of downloads for Mario Kart Tour. According to Apptopia's number, the title has reached 10.1 million user downloads across Android and iOS platforms globally.

In 93 countries, it has broken the record to become the most downloaded application in the App Store.

Apptopia Mobile Game Launches R471x
Apptopia announced that the title had reached 10.1 million user downloads across Android and iOS globally.

That was double the number Super Mario Run got back in 2015, although that title was only released for iOS.

The previous most downloaded mobile game on the release day was the famous Pokemon Go with 6.7 million downloads on its day one.

According to Apptopia, if you have already pre-ordered the title and have your auto-downloads ON, then you will wake up with the title already installed onto the phone.

That is quite a smart way to boost the numbers.

There is more to it

Just later on the 27th of September,  Sensor Tower announced their individual chart for the number of downloads. That told a different story about the total download numbers at a whopping 20 million.

Sensor Towernintendo Mobile Games First Day Downlo
Sensor Tower announced its number on the proceedings.

Another much more significant fact is that it has reached  $1 million in revenue on just day one. Interestingly, that much money was only 25% of what Fire Emblem Heroes generated on its day one.

According to Sensor Tower, the popular IAP of the title was its monthly subscription of  $4.99. Although they won't charge the users for the first 13 days following the day one, honestly, some users will cancel their subscription right before that.

Still, we need to consider the fact that the game forces users to sign in or sign up for a new Nintendo ID. It will be fascinating to see how installs translate into players and then monetisation.