Mario Kart Tour is the newest mobile game that Nintendo made based on one of its most popular IPs, but as it is now, it seems to be suffering from a few problems. The game just became available for download on both Google Play and the App Store yesterday, but some users have reported that they have been unable to access it due to server issues.

Mario Kart Tour Trailer

Even those who are actually able to start a race are not particularly thrilled either, as the game in its current state doesn’t include any multiplayer modes. A multiplayer menu is indeed present, but clicking on it only shows a message saying that multiplayer will be added in a future update. Naturally, this comes as quite a disappointment to many, as multiplayer is one of the best things about Mario Kart games.

Mario Kart Tour No Multiplayer
Mario Kart Tour is out now, but it doesn't include any multiplayer just yet

The monetization model is yet another cause for concern as well. While Mario Kart Tour is technically a free-to-play game, some features look like they can only be accessed by premium users. An example of this is the 200cc races, which requires a user to subscribe to the game’s “Golden Pass” to unlock.

The Golden Pass also offers several in-game rewards, but the main problem is that it costs $5 (Rs 350) a month. This is way too expensive considering the fact that you can get tons of other great games for the same price – and with those games you only need to pay once to get the full experience.

Mario Kart Tour
The Golden Pass subscription seems too expensive

That said, the gameplay itself is pretty entertaining. We had a really good time with it during our early sessions. While the controls leave a bit more to be desired, it is still Mario Kart as you know and love, and it definitely has the potential to become great. The game is still in its early days, so we’ll definitely see a lot of changes – hopefully for the better – in the near future. Right now, though, you can find it available for download on both Google Play and the App Store.