It’s been quite a long time since Nintendo broke the gaming community by introducing Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of Mario Kart. This game is actually a partnership between Nintendo and mobile developer DeNA. At first, they intended to release the game around the first quarter of 2019, meaning before the end of March.

Feat Mario Kart Tour
Nintendo and DeNA will develop this game together

However, back in this January, Nintendo made an announcement relating to a delay for the game. The studio claimed that it would release it in the summer of 2019, and now, an official launch date for the game has been announced. Technically, Nintendo wasn’t really able to finish it before the end of summer, but it has done it anyway. The game will be available starting from the 25th of September.

Nintendo has created a whole new official account on Twitter just for Mario Kart Tour. Should you want to stay on top of things relating to this game, we recommend you to follow this account.

Imgbin Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Wii U Mario Kart 64 Mar
Mario Kart Tour will finally launch this September

The CEO of DeNA used to refer Mario Kart Tour to a “free to start" game when it was first announced. It made people think this game will be like Super Mario Run: you'll be able to try the first part for free, but will have to pay if you want to unlock the full experience.

Still, Mario Kart Tour got a closed beta last May, and according to the impressions of the testers, we can say that was definitely not the case at all. In fact, this game appears to have the features of a typical free-to-play game.

Maxresdefault 7
This game is similar to a typical free to play game

However, having the right expectations, most of the testers seemed to really enjoy the experience. With those positive reactions, Mario Kart Tour would definitely worth trying when it finally launches.