Coming from Viva Games, Gravity Rider ZERO is a sequel to Gravity Rider, a popular physics-based racing game that has attracted over 7 million downloads since its release back in 2018. The game is available right now on both Android and iOS. Check out the trailer for the game below:

In case you have not heard about Gravity Rider, it has a very similar style to the Trials series. You will control several different vehicles and drive around various courses, and your task is to maintain perfect balance to avoid smashing your face on the ground.

Gravity Rider ZERO has a more sci-fi theme, though, as you'll get to ride several futuristic vehicles such as hoverbikes to race on other planets. The soundtrack has a techno vibe to it too, and judging from the trailer, it is quite well-done.

Gravity Rider Zero Ios Android Featured
A physics-based racing game with a futuristic theme

There's also a bit more emphasis on the racing element as well. The camera sticks very closely to you as you spin your way around the tracks, so the game feels a lot faster than trials.

As mentioned, you’ll be able to unlock plenty of vehicles throughout the game and customize their appearances to your liking with the various options that the game gives you. However, there is no upgrade system in this game. You simply pick the vehicle you like best and get straight onto the track.

Gravity Rider Zero Ios Android
You'll be able to customize the look of your vehicles, but there is no upgrade system

At launch, Gravity Rider ZERO features 30 levels for players to overcome, and of course, the difficulty will gradually increase the further you go. It is now available for free on both Google Play and the App Store. IAPs are present, but according to the publisher, they are all for cosmetic items. The studio explained that it wants to deliver a fulfilling racing experience and thus will not lock content behind a paywall. Do expect to have to watch some adverts here and there, though.