Recently, Karma Play just announced Old Skool Racer, a new racing game inspired by old classic arcade games like Outrun, Screamer and Wave Race 64. According to the developer, their ambition is to make this game a triple-A racing title. However, instead of doing it on their own, they are letting the community decide how this game is going to be through weekly voting on their Discord channel. All the features, activities, and future designs will be determined by the poll results. Here is the pre-alpha footage of the game.

There are 4 types of vehicle in the game

Into the game, players will get to experience up to four different types of vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, speedboats and even hover pods with many game modes through locations around the world. Here are the main features of Old Skool Racer:

- There are up to 20 day and night real-life places such as Peru, San Francisco, Borneo, Aspen, Egypt, Yosemite, London, Paris, China, Amsterdam, Nevada, Switzerland, Kerala, Tanzania, and Venice.

There are up to 20 real-life locations

- You can customize your vehicle any way you like with many different colors, effects, decals and special parts or even change the material of the vehicle. Furthermore, the game will give all the tools you need to even paint your car with your own hand or upload your own pictures as decals.

- The winners of the game will be reward with their own mansion with a gym, spa, and private home theatre. The more you win, the more features of the mansion will be unlocked.