Stone Story, the RPG title from Standardcombo has been in the development phase for quite some time already: five years to be exact. After countless updates on TIG Source forums 2014, the game is finally ready to showcase to the world. The title arrived on Steam last Thursday, August 8th and will potentially stay there for a year without a price change, according to Standardcombo.

Stone Story RPG
Stone Story - a unique RPG that animates entirely in ASCII symbols.

ASCII-inspired art style

Fascinating enough, Stone Story is built entirely in the ASCII characters, mostly in black & white. For some people, this appearance surely brought upon nostalgia and past memories of similar games in ASCII from 1998. As a matter of fact, the game seems to have let their creativity wings soar despite the choice of art direction. From giant fortresses to huge spider webs and mushroom forests, everything is there, up and going.

Stone Story mushroom Forest Banner
An illustration of a mushroom forest.

Take a look at the game trailer as below:

At the moment, the game requires at least 8 hours of playing time to complete. However, Standardcombo is having much more plans for Stone Story in the future. This includes additional items, quests, boss fights and more.

Quest system & "Stone Script"

In fact, the most notable thing is the future plan for the quest system. According to Standardcombo, they wanted to expand the RPG world of Stone Story by using user-generated content. More specifically, Standardcombo planned to let players create their own stories and freely share them to others.

Stone Story
Stone Story should let players generate their own content and share them freely among each other.

It doesn't stop there, there’s an in-game language for scripting, the “Stonescript”. This is the medium for players to optimize and automate their gameplay. As far as we know, more commands mean more strategies to come!

For now, Stone Story is available via Steam through Early Access. Get it right now through the Steam page right here or add it to your current wishlist for later.