The Last Spell is a rogue-lite turn-based RPG by French indie studio CCCP. You will lead a team of heroes to protect the last bastion of mankind from hordes of monsters. Here is the trailer of the game.

The power competition in The Schools of Magic has gone too far and brought The Cataclysm to the world.  No one knows who did it, but the consequences can be seen everywhere. A mysterious mist filled the land with monsters. Anyone go into the mist will be consumed by monsters, going mad or even become those terrifying abominations themselves. Only a few Havens can stop them every day and survive. But people understand that they need to put a stop to this once and for all by working together.

The monsters will retreat during the day, giving you time to heal wounds and reorganize your traps and buildings. But when night comes, the mist will be thickened and the monster will appear again, craving for magic and blood.

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Carefully build walls and traps can help you a lot

Your mission will be to protect the last few mages until they finish The Last Spell to remove all magic from this world, and save everyone.

Clawers 01 X2
There are dozens of different type of monsters

The Last Spell feature turn-based tactics gameplay with class-less skill trees. Other than controling the heroes, you will also need to build walls, traps, and watchtower to protect the Haven using the remains of civilization.

Screenshots Revealtrailer 09
Be careful as there will be strong bosses coming with the horde of monsters

There are dozens of different types of enemies with their own unique behaviors along with some really nasty bosses. But don't worry you will be given equally strong spells to deal with them, as long as you can find a good build and use them wisely.

Screenshots Ingame 08
Use your spell wisely and take down many monsters at once

The Last Spell will be released in 2020 for PC through Steam with a Nintendo Switch version also being planned.