Idea Factory International has just released a new trailer for Dragon Star Varnir. The publisher of the game confirmed that it will launch for PS4 on June 11 in North America and June 14 in EU, right after the E3 2019.

The game tells the story about witches - who born with a Dragon residing within them. It grants them power while driving them insane at the same time. They need to drink the blood of a dragon to prevent this, however, the dragon's blood will make the dragon inside them stronger and eventually the dragon will tear them apart to escape. The main character is Zephy, a hunter who hates both dragons and witches. Later on in the story, he is saved by a witch using dragon's blood. The hunter becomes a witch, the enemies become his friends while his former friends turn against him.

Dk Blood
The dragon's blood keep their insanity while killing them gradually

The gameplay even has its own mechanics to show the relationship between hunters and witches. This is a turn-based RPG game like those classic Final Fantasy games decades ago. But, of course, they added a new layer to the battle system to increase the "dynamic battle experience". In a battle with Dragons, the battlefield will be split into 3 levels which both sides can move freely between.

3 Level
The game introduces the 3 levels battle system

The trailer also revealed a lot of mechanics and skills that might sound a little bit familiar to you if you are an experienced RPG gamer. Also, it is a J-RPG so the art is very typical and Japanese (if you know what I mean).