Have you ever experienced the feeling of encountering a game for mobile that is completely empty, with no inspiration whatsoever, that you actually feel despair just by looking at it? Just this week, we have Talion, the newest game in a line of identical autoplay MMORPGs.

If you have already tried titles such as Silkroad Mobile, Lineage 2 ... and all those MMORPG games that rely on autoplay mechanism before, then you already know what this game is about. First, you pick a gender-locked class archetype of character, then customize his/her appearance. Then you set out to... repeatedly tap the buttons for quest complete and quest indicator every couple of seconds.

That said, the character customization part is actually surprisingly deep. It allows you to change almost everything of your character's appearance from the size of the nose to the shape of the chin.

Talion Character Creation
The customization of the character in Talion is quite deep.

If only that level of attention to detail was applied to other areas of the game too. Unfortunately, it wasn't. In reality, Talion is bad not just because it is another title in an already oversaturated genre, it is also an uninspired, ugly mess of obtuse menus and dark visual fantasy.

Another game in an already oversaturated genre

The awful graphics of this game mainly come down to some weird design choices. There is always that strange shadow effect that circle around the character.  It makes you feel like you're looking down from a telescope's lens with some migraines.

Screenshot 2018 05 25 22 20 37
The game have too low resolution, this makes all the images look kinda blurry.

Then we have the resolution of the game, which is too low, making all the images look kinda blurry. Moreover, motion blur seems to be applied to just about everything, so performing skills or rotate the cameras feel just awful.

The biggest flaw of this game is the menu system. This is where you have to spend lots of time to control the growth of your character, but it is very hard to navigate in with its thousand tabs.

Seriously, just who is this game for?

Unnamed 2 3
If you are already playing AxE or Lineage 2, then there's no point in getting this game.

At last, we just could not identify the audience for Talion. It is just another identical title in an oversaturated genre, a genre that most of us are already sick of. And this game brings nothing fresh to the genre. If you are already playing AxE or Lineage 2, then there is no point in getting this game.