The mobile MMORPG Talion originally launched in certain Asian regions last year and was pretty well-received. Now, it seems the game is finally ready to make its global debut, as confirmed by developer Gamevil.

Talion is known for its stunning graphics, detailed character creation, and immersive PVP combat. Unlike the majority of mobile MMOs in the market in which there are only a couple of head and body models to choose from, Talion gives players the ability to adjust multiple aspects of their character's look, including hair (hairstyle, hair color…), face (eye, lips, nose…), body shape, makeup and more.

Talion Character Creation
There are plenty of options to customize the characters

There are currently 4 classes in the game, 3 of which are the usual ones that we often see in these types of games: Warrior, Mage, and Assassin. The fourth, Gunslinger, is a bit more distinct, as this class is capable of unleashing massive AoE damage at medium range.

Talion Character Action

Talion is set in a mythical world named Nar, where 2 factions are constantly struggling to gain control. The Bident will stop at nothing to obtain absolute power, and the Aegis oppose them in the name of freedom. Players must choose to side with one of these factions to combat against the other. Naturally, that entails a lot of PvP action, from all out 20-vs-20 battles to 1v1 duels to Team Battle and so on.

Talion Cinematic Trailer

In addition to the various PVP options, Talion also features cooperative activities for those who prefer to team up with other players instead of fighting against them. This is done through the Alliance system, which sees allies working together to explore the vast open world and hunt down fearsome raid bosses.

Talion is scheduled to launch in North America, Europe, and Australia on May 28 and it will be available on both iOS and Android. Right now, pre-registration on the game is available on its official website as well as Google Play and the App Store. Those who participate can earn some exclusive rewards when the game arrives.