As a collaboration with Mad Head Games, Wargaming started the Early Access on Steam for its new game Pagan Online which is a quick-paced, HnS RPG. The game features the traditional traits of old dungeon games while refreshing the genre with new PvE systems, MOBA-inspired characters, along with an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master fighting system.

Pagan Online
Pagan is a new hack-and-slash game with Moba-inspired characters

Pagan Online takes place in a world inspired by the Slavic Paganism mythology (hence the name of the game). Alongside an interesting storyline, it also features 8 distinct playable characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. From Istok - the last member and warrior of an under-mountain ancient clan with powerful lightning strikes to Valeria, a royal assassin from a technology-advanced nation who has a powerful crossbow; all of them can be unlocked and chosen to play for different styles.

A world inspired by the Slavic Paganism mythology

The gameplay is reported to be intense with a great PvE system that encourages players to keep interacting with the environments and pick up fights periodically. In the meantime, the combat system is fairly easy to pick up but it's no child's play either since it requires you to execute smoothly and skillfully on a WASD - based control. Thankfully, the game lets you pick from 3 different levels of difficulty for a better experience through a 5-arch single-player journey.

Watch Pagan Online's trailer:

What's more, the game's developers promise to keep you busy and stay on the keyboard with a variety of different game modes that include interesting daily and weekly missions, assassinations, hunting activities, and many more to choose from. Being an RPG, Pagan Online also features a rich collection of equipment and craftable stuff to customize and strengthen your characters for dealing with those fierce bosses.

Pagan Online is certainly a must-try game for those who love single-player mode, but the multiplayer mode is gonna come out soon for more challenges, so even if you are not a fan of solo games, stay tuned.

Pagan Online is out now for $29.99 (Rs 2100). Find out more on the game's website.