Guardians of Ember is a hack-and-slash MMORPG for PC developed by Taiwanese studio Runewaker, who is also the name behind Runes of Magic. The game was originally released on Steam a little bit over a year back but was later taken down. Now, publisher Gameforge has announced that it is making a comeback, with an Open Beta already available.

This re-launch has made several quality of life improvements compared to the original release, from gameplay, character customization to missions, UI optimization, and more. Over the last couple of months, Gameforge has also worked very hard to expand regional support for Guardians of Ember, adding more languages so as to bring the game to players from all over the world.

Guardians of Ember trailer

To show appreciation to its players, Guardians of Ember is currently offering many special items and freebies for both veterans and newcomers. Those who participated in the beta test will receive a unique in-game to acknowledge their part in helping the developer polish the game. Players who had bought the original Steam version of the game (when it was still under publisher Insel Games) will be eligible to be included in the Veterans’ Reward program, which gives them many valuable items for free when they come back.

Guardians Of Ember Screenshot 1

Guardians of Ember is an action-focus multiplayer game which delivers an intense adventure to veterans and newbies alike. Like other games of its kind, players will be able to choose from 4 races (Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Naia) and 6 different classes (Knight, Dark Knight, Mage, Priest, Ranger, and Engineer) to create the character that most suits their playstyle. There are tons of options for skill optimization as well.

Guardians Of Ember Screenshot 2
Tons of options for character customization

The combat is brutal, requiring players to calculate their attacks carefully to maximize damage. The game takes place in the vast and beautiful world of Olyndale, which has more than 60 challenging randomly-generated dungeons spread across 58 regions, as well as numerous tough foes for players to overcome.