Mobile MMORPG is a genre that has made a bad name for itself due to tons of repetitive titles filled with microtransactions. Thus, if a game wants to step into this field, it’d need something incredibly unique and innovative to stand out from the rest of the pack. Now, the upcoming title Reality sets out to achieve just that.

So what’s so special about Reality? Well, it utilizes geolocation to deliver players into a unique environment. The idea is certainly cool, and if executed properly, it would no doubt set a new standard for all MMO in the future.

That said, the game still has everything you’d expect from an MMORPG, including PvP battles (with an extremely fast pace), a surprisingly deep story, and an endgame competition on a major, possibly even worldwide scale.

Reality Concept Art
A concept art of an enemy in the game

In Reality, players will create an avatar – or Ego, as they are called – to represent them in the game. Then, they will go on to explore a world full of advanced technology AND magical enchantments. Once again, this is a unique twist in term of setting. Most of the time we see games go for either a magic or sci-fi theme, but very rarely do we get a game that has both.

When you actually get into the game, you’ll be put in a “Hideout”, a safe place in which you can accept quests, craft gear, and power up your Ego. Sure, this sounds like a typical MMO experience, but the special thing is, Reality decides to take a page out of Pokémon GO’s book and allow you to use your phone to scan your surrounding for enemies and resources. Of course, just like how it works in Niantic’s hit game, you’ll have to go out of your way to explore the real world if you want to find Mythical enemies that drop rarer equipment.

More concept art of a character

Another appealing feature is that you can engage other players in real-time PvP battles, which has very straightforward mechanics: Basically, you just have to draw the runes of the spells you’ve learnt to cast it.

Currently, there is no exact release date set for Reality yet, but if you are interested, follow the game’s official website the get the latest update.