The mobile phone has become a gaming platform for a lot of people. Famous titles like PUBG, Minecraft, Among Us and Candy Crush can all be accessed after a quick download.

No matter where you are, sitting on public transportation for a morning commute, taking a lunch break, or enjoying a sunny day at the beach, there are games at hand.

The variety of mobile games is simply immense. From puzzle games to board games, quizzes and MMORPGs, a player can delve into whole new gaming worlds. Here we look at some of the most exciting styles of mobile games to try out for 2023.

There is not enough room to squish all the best games of 2023 into one spot and neither can every category be covered. Everyone has personal preferences, but if you are looking to explore something different within mobile gaming, then check out our list.

Online casino

Mobile casino play has become massively popular while on the go. Some offer the opportunity to play for in-game coins that can be redeemed for features, while players can also download official apps from licensed and regulated casinos to get a fully featured suite to play for real cash.

By downloading a secure mobile casino app, slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and more can be played. Casino platforms such as Ultra-Casino provide access to a wide range of casino features in one place.

Battle royale style

To get into the combat mode for gaming, there are some staples that many people lean towards. Titles such as Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty remain among the most-played mobile games in 2023.

Battle Royale Games

They have proven quality and importantly as well, large user bases, which means that it’s easy to get matched up into a team or against opponents. The reliability and constant development of new features and maps keep these major titles going strong.

The nature of the games also helps keep players engaged and lets people explore their strategies, from slipping into stealth mode, or just going into the survival arena full force.


Puzzle and quiz games let players keep their heads in the thinking game. Naturally, these come in many styles of play, including an endless range of match-three games. However, great titles like the beautifully elegant Monument Valley with all its twists and turns, the mind-warping Samsara Room, Two Dots, and Baba Is You are also worth checking out. Hidden Through Time delivers some high-quality picture search puzzles.

Casual games

Sometimes called idle games or AFK games, not all players like to get into games that are going to get their adrenalin pumping. Some like to take a more casual approach. Cats & Soup is a good casual idle game where you simply use cats to yes, make soup.

Clicker Heroes is another massive casual game that is much better than it ever was on PC. Egg. Inc. involves one mission, which is to collect as many eggs as possible, and the unique Antimatter Dimensions and Cell to Singularity offer evolutionary angles.

Role playing

Taking control of characters to try to reach a goal is another popular format. Fallout Shelter is a great one to try as you attempt to successfully manage a bunch of people in an underground bunker in a survival epic. Major titles such as Genshin Impact, AFK Arena and Raid: Shadow Legends are at the top of the definitive list of mobile RPGs.

Indie titles

Indie titles generally bring something innovative to the table. Launches from smaller development studios aren’t likely to be as well known, but can often be brilliantly crafted out of creativity, like the much-vaunted Limbo.

Among these titles, the endless extreme sports of Alto’s Adventure have to be checked out. The beautiful, colorful creativity of Soul Knight is an eye-catching room explorer while Sky: Children of the Light is arguably one of the most visually striking indie games of all time.


The area of mobile sports games is also a massive one. Naturally, there are big features like FIFA, NFL and NBA official titles. Looking outside the box a little, Table Tennis Touch is a super fun and simple game where you can play against an AI or another player.

The multiplayer Tennis Clash has high-quality graphics, is superbly responsive and you can work to update your players, making it one of the best mobile games, not just sports games, around.