Koei Tecmo has released a lot of PC and console games from a variety of their brands, but they are most known for that one game saga developed by Omega Force under their direction, Warriors. The newest mainstream game in the iconic Dynasty Warriors game saga is called Dynasty Warriors 9, released on Xbox One, PC and PS4 a while before. The creators changed their games’ formula and made them open-world (a type of games where players are not limited to certain areas in the games’ world and are capable of traveling and doing a side quest in addition to following the main storylines). Check out the trailer for that release below:

Earlier today, a new MMORPG for mobile devices based on Dynasty Warriors 9 has just been announced to be in development by Nexon. For now, they titled the upcoming game Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile and give the responsibility of developing it to their Korea studio, Nexon Korea’s One. With this release, Nexon plans to recreate the thrilling action and open world features of the original game. As a gamer, I am quite excited to witness how things turn out as Warriors games are usually very fast-paced and a handful of recent mobile ports such as Warriors Orochi 4 on the Switch have proven to be bad.

Dynasty Warrior
A poster for the game

If, by any chance, you wonder why the logo has the number 8 and not 9, the Japanese-released games are always one number behind their Western counterparts in name due to an old PlayStation naming choice. One can only hope that Nexon actually manages to get the game to run well on both Android and iOS platforms as Musou games need to look as flashy as possible while you battle through hundreds of enemies. Even the console version of Dynasty Warriors 9 was a disappointment in term of performance and visual at the time of its launch. Let's wait and see how well they deliver.