Perfect World is an MMORPG franchise with a long history. Originally released 14 years ago on PC, it was actually the first MMORPG ever for many players. Now, Tencent Games has brought this classic title to mobile, so let’s have a look to see if it is worth the hype?

Perfect World Mobile Cover
How is Perfect World on mobile?

The first impression that Perfect World Mobile gives to players is through its graphics, and unfortunately, it doesn’t really do a good job in this department. Yes, it is understandable that the game aims to stay true to its original version on PC, but the least it could have done is updating its graphics to keep up with 2019. Ugly patches of low-resolution art and even missing textures can be spotted very frequently even when playing on PC through Tencent’s emulator with all graphic options maxed out. This is truly a disappointment, especially considering that the game had been advertised to have “next-gen graphics.”

Perfect World Mobile Next Generation Graphics Imag
The graphics leave much to be desired

In term of gameplay, Perfect World Mobile is just like any other mobile MMORPGs out there on the market. It has all the traditional stuff: PVE dungeons, raids, PvP battles, mounts, wings, pets, costumes, marriage system, and more. That said, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

Another complaint is that there is very little underwater or aerial combat in the early game. If the developer had introduced these mechanics immediately in the beginning instead of keeping them as end-game content, it would have been a great way to impress players right off the bat. Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be seen even after 2 hours of gameplay.

Perfect World Mobile Gameplay Image 1
Aerial combat could have been introduced earlier

All in all, Perfect World Mobile did make good on its promises. It managed to bring the experience of the original version to mobile. However, since that PC version is over a decade old by now, all of its features have been included in countless mobile MMOs already. Frankly, the genre has become pretty stale, and Perfect World Mobile did nothing to change that. Play it for the nostalgia if you want, but don’t expect anything revolutionary.