If you are a veteran gamer, you probably remember the golden age of MMOs back in the 2000s. Unfortunately, these days, most MMO releases are for mobile devices, and they have come to be associated with not-so-pretty words like “cheap”, “lazy”, “cashgrab”, or “gacha”. Thankfully, there are still a handful of titles that still stay true to what makes the genre good, and Villagers & Heroes is one of them.

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Villagers & Heroes is a classic MMO that stays true to what makes the genre good

Ever since the game was first launched way back in 2011, its developer Mad Otter Games has constantly been keeping things fresh with new updates, such as the Wellspring expansion that we got last spring.  Now, another expansion, titled “A Tale of Earth and Sea," has been announced, which promises to add several new features.

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Over the years, the game is constantly kept fresh with new updates

One of the highlights of this new expansion is undoubtedly the Shaman, a brand new character class. From what Mad Otter Games described it, the Shaman has a strong affiliation with elemental magic and is proficient at both offensive and support roles. Players opting to become a Shaman will be able to go for either the Earth Attunement if they like to be offense or the Water Attunement if they are the more supportive type. In terms of weapons, Shamans can wield axes, hatchets, and polearms. On top of that, the developer has also come up with a solid novella that tells of the origins of the Shamans as well as the early history of Ardent to satisfy lore-enthusiasts.

Villagers And Heroes
The Shaman excels in both offensive and support roles

Besides the new class, A Tale of Earth and Sea brings a large number of new options for character customization as well, including 8 skin colors, more eye and face options, polished body models, and more.

There is currently no information on when A Tale of Earth and Sea will be released, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as there is an announcement.  Meanwhile, you can go to the official website of Villagers & Heroes for more details.