New World resource map helps players find resources faster and complete quests quickly. Check out this guide on how to track resources on New World Map and use this map effectively.

New World Map
Amazon's New World has an immense map with a lot of resources to farm.

I. New World Map Size

The total area of New World's map is 21.07344 square mile. New World interactive map shows players the exact locations of all resources in the game. Amazon Games made an immense game world with a lot of materials for players to pick up and craft necessary tools and weapons to survive. Building, cooking, refining, and crafting are essential activities for survival in New World.

Amazon's New World map has different parts with different biomes and resources. You can farm a lot of cooking ingredients, such as meat, potatoes, corns, tomatoes, beans, squash, cacao, chili, and vanilla, etc. from the wild in these biomes to cook food.

New World Farming And Cooking
Players need to farm resources for cooking, crafting, and building to survive in New World.

In addition, players can farm a lot of materials from chests, caches, and ores across the map. You also need supplies to build characters and home base in New World, such as wood, stone, etc. Metals, leather, solvent, and other crafting materials are also available to farm on Amazon's New World resource map.

II. How To Use New World Resource Map 2021

Amazon's New World allowed players to use the tracking feature to find resources faster. Besides, players can also use the interactive map for the exact locations of the wanted materials.

1. Unlock & Use The Tracking Skill

New World Resource Map lets you track resources in this game, but you need to unlock Resource Tracking first.

New World requires players to reach an appropriate level of harvesting resources activity to unlock this skill. These resources have different required levels. For example, if you reach level 10 of mining activity, you can unlock the resource tracking for Iron Ore.

New World Resource Tracking Header
New World Resource Map lets you track resources in this game.

The compass at the top center of the PC screen will help you find the correct direction and way to the location of the unlocked resource. You can also find the resource by using biomes. For example, you need to farm fish in the water biome, hunt animals in forests, and pick up vegetables in the plain.

However, the disadvantage is that you cannot switch the resource type you are tracking. For example, you use the same compass for iron and silver. Therefore, you don't know which resource the compass is showing you until you reach it.

Reach Required Level
You need to reach certain levels to unlock the Resource Tracking.

2. New World Interactive Map

The interactive map of New World shows players the exact locations of all resources in the game. Follow these steps to use the interactive map of Amazon's New World.

  • Access to New World's interactive map.
  • Click on 'Show All' for all resources or 'Hide All' to locate specific resources.
  • Select the type of resource you want. There are many types of resources, such as Ore, Plants, Chests, Woods, Essences, Fishing, etc.
  • Click on the type of resource and select the item. For example, when you click on the option of Plants, you can track down some resources, such as fungus, hemp, herbs. silkweed, wire fiber, dyes, Azoth spring, and cooking ingredients.
  • Put the point at the location of the resource shown on the interactive map to know its coordination.
  • Mark it in the in-game map and head to the location to farm the resource.

Apart from resources, you can use the interactive map of Amazon's New World to track down enemies and bosses. You can also locate cities and towns by using the interactive map.

Use The Interactive Map
Use the interactive map of Amazon's New World to track resources and more.

III. New World's Resource Tracking Tips

There are some tips to use the resource tracking skill in Amazon's New World.

  • Gathering nodes may disappear when other players have collected the resources there. You need to wait for them to respawn. Don't try to farm resources in an area with tons of people.
  • Try to increase proficiencies and rank up fast in New World to unlock more resource tracking. You should try to increase the proficiencies in Skinning, Harvesting, Mining, and Logging in order to see nodes for all disciplines.
  • Compass cannot show the item but it can show nodes only. For example, it shows a rock icon for all metals, such as iron, silver, platinum, and gold.
  • The "Resource Locator" in New World will show the 'zone' where you can find the hidden resource. Use both Compass and Resource Locator to find the best areas to farm materials.

Keep these tips in your mind to use the New World resource map effectively. The interactive map is also useful for players to find everything they need to find and farm.

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