Leveling is a daunting task in every MMO game and New World is not an exception. Especially for people who don't have much time, it will get even more frustrated.

However, there are some tips in the game that you can use to increase your leveling speed and spend more time on other content in the game. Here are highly recommended tips to level up faster in New World.

New World Game
New World is emerging as a popular online game in India.

1. Rest in a settlement

Whenever you are about to leave the game, always make sure to rest in a settlement first. Whenever you log in again, you will get a rested XP bonus.

2. Do Town Missions

You can find tons of quests in the Town Project Board. These quests are simple and often not too exciting, but they are a good way to get more and more EXP.

Quest Board New World
Grab some missions in Town Quest Board to get extra EXP.

3. Complete main quests and side quests

The main quests in New World will get you a ton of EXP while you are enjoying the story of the game and explore. Along the way, remember to pick up some side quests to get some extra EXP.

4. Hit enemies while others are fighting

This is kind of sneaky but it doesn't harm anyone at all. If you are traveling and you see a player fighting a monster, just sniff in a quick hit. Once the monster is defeated, you will get EXP and weapon mastery. The other players still get the full EXP and weapon mastery so it is pretty much a win-win situation.

New World Monster
All you need to do is make 1 hit and you will get free EXP.

5. Travel efficiently

No one likes a running simulator. Try to spend as little time as possible running between quests by staying at an Inn to recall, owning multiple homes, or using Fast travel. Less traveling time means more quests done means level up faster in New World.

Fast Travel New World
Fast Travel in New World

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