Halloween is coming and Rockstar has confirmed that there will be an "exciting update ", which is expected to be the new GTA Halloween update 2021. Just like the Halloween event every year, players might expect some exciting events. Here, we are going to show you everything we know so far about the upcoming GTA Halloween update.

Gta Halloween Update 2021
Grand Theft Auto Halloween Update 2021 will be starting at the end of October.

When will GTA Halloween Update 2021 start?

So far, there has been no official announcement regarding the date of the GTA Halloween Surprise event. Based on previous years, the GTA Halloween Surprise event usually starts at the end of October. Last year, the event last for a week from October 28 to November 4.

Also, GTA Online always starts on Thursday so we can expect that the date of the 2021 Halloween event in GTA will be starting on October 28 and ends on November 3.

GTA Halloween Update 2021 events

The main Halloween event in GTA recently has always been the return of the Peyote Plants. Players can eat a Peyote Plant and turn themselves into a random animal, which is kind of fun.

However, there have been leaks showing there will be a new "Phantom car" event in GTA Online Halloween 2021. Here are the details of the leak provided by Monkeypolice188 on Twitter:

  • The event is based on the infamous Fiery Fury scene from the 1983 film "Christine", where a Plymouth Fury chases Buddy, in a roar of flames.
  • It appears to take place at the Blaine County Savings Bank. A custom vehicle and a robber spawn at the bank. A ped is run over and set on fire.
  • It involves a dark-red Tornado Custom with Benny's wheels, yellow-on-black license plate "EAB 211" The vehicle appears to be explosion-proof and fire-proof to an extent, with unbreakable parts and strong axles.
Gta 5 Online Halloween 2021
The dark-red Tornado Custom in the Phantom Car in the upcoming GTA Halloween Update 2021.
  • The vehicle has custom flame sounds and effects, as well as a custom detuned horn.
  • During the event, "Slasher" music from the 2015 Halloween Update plays.

Will GTA Halloween Suprise Update have new cars?

In every Halloween event in GTA Online, they always bring back a set of Halloween-themed vehicles so this year is expected to be the same. Below is the list of cars that probably comes with 2021 Halloween Update of GTA series.

Fränken Stange

The unlikely product of Albany's design team leafing through a vintage car magazine while in the depths of a masculine overdose. The Franken Stange will make you the envy of goths, emo hipsters and vampire wannabes everywhere. Don't be fooled by what's left of its old world charm; the steering linkage may be from 1910, but the engine has just enough horsepower to tear itself (and you) to pieces at the first bump in the road.

The Fränken Stange is a four-door hot rod in GTA Halloween Suprise upates. The car has good top speed as well as acceleration. It is overall easy to control even with a little bit of understeer and oversteer. The car is highly durable, just as expected from a classic sports car. Powered by a massive V8 engine, the car has a unique engine sound and shakes when stationary.

Frnkenstange Gtav Front
The Fränken Stange is a classic sports car in GTA Halloween Suprise upates.


Dismissed as 'over the top' for the 90s pro wrestling circuit, the Albany Lurcher was a car ahead of its time. Since then American society has moved on, and this forgotten gem has been taken to heart as the centerpiece of choice for funeral orgies across the nation. Don't take chances when it comes to your legacy: accessorize your demise, and turn your death into a statement that nobody wants to hear.

The Lurcher is a four-door hearse in GTA Halloween Suprise updates. The car is built upon the chassis of a Buccaneer but it looks nothing like its stock model. The acceleration of the Lurcher is below average compared to other fast muscle cars in GTA 5,  yet it has a higher top speed. Because of the large rear part of the body, the Lurcher is harder to get spin-out than other muscle cars.

Lurcher Gtav Front
The Lurcher is one of the exclusive cars in GTA Halloween Suprise updates.

GTA Halloween Update face paint

Another frequently asked question regarding the forthcoming update is when do Halloween face paints come out in GTA 2021? They are all expected to come out at the same time as the GTA Halloween Surprise update on October 28.

Here are some leaked face paints from the GTA Halloween Update in 2021.

Gta Halloween Update 2021 Face Paint
Flayed Demon face paint GTA Online
Gta Halloween Update 2021 Face Paint 2
Sorrow Demon face paint GTA Online
Gta Halloween Update 2021 Face Paint 3
Smiler Demon face paint GTA Online
Gta Halloween Update 2021 Face Paint 4
Cracked Demon face paint GTA Online
Gta Halloween Update 2021 Face Paint 5
Danger Skull face paint GTA Online

GuruGamer will continue to update more leaks of GTA Halloween Update 2021 in our next posts. Do come back to our website for more!

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