GTA 5 offers a large collection of cars, which is one of the main appeal of the game to car lovers. Muscle cars in GTA 5 are American cars with high outputs of horsepower. They are kind of the opposite to JDM cars in GTA 5, which focus more on handling and style.

Players love muscles cars in GTA 5 for their high performance and power, not to mention the sexy sound engine. So here in this article, we are going to take a look at the fastest muscle cars in GTA 5 Offline and GTA Online.

Fastest muscle cars in GTA 5 Offline

5. Vigero

  • Top Speed: 105 mph

The Declasse Vigero is a two-door muscle car in GTA 5. It has a great resemblance to a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The vehicle is one of the fastest muscle cars in GTA 5 Offline. Its engine power allows the car to accelerate fast. However, this causes it to spin out easier and have a lower top speed.

Vigero Gta
Vigero GTA 5

4. Buccaneer

  • Top Speed: 110 mph

The Buccaneer is a 2-door coupé/personal luxury car manufactured by Albany in the HD Universe. It has one of the highest speeds among muscle cars, capable of reaching the top speed of 110 mph. While it has a powerful V8 engine, acceleration is average. Braking is alright, nothing too standout. The vehicle can handle corners well without spinning out, which is quite amazing for it size and weight.

Buccaneer Gta
Buccaneer GTA 5

3. Sabre Turbo

  • Top speed: 110 mph

The Sabre Turbo has the powerful 550 ci turbocharged V8 coupled to a long-throw 5-speed semi-auto manual transmission powering the rear wheels. The car has a heavy body, soft suspension, and average brakes. The car can keep up with other modern muscle cars thanks to its amazing power and handling. Its heavyweight keeps the car from getting oversteer in corners. It also has great durability.

Sabre Turbo Gta 5
Sabre Turbo GTA 5

 2. Gauntlet

  • Top Speed: 115 mph

The Gauntlet in GTA 5 is heavily inspired by the 2008-2013 Dodge Challenger. With a strong 450cui single-cam turbocharged V8 engine, this beast has high acceleration and top speed, only losing the Dominator. However, the car has the tendency to spin out. While it is one of the fastest muscle cars in GTA 5 Offline, it takes a very skilful driver to be able to get the car under control.

Gauntlet Gta 5
Gauntlet GTA 5

1. Dominator

  • Top speed: 120 mph

The Dominator, the best muscle car GTA 5 offline, has a high-torque engine, allowing it to accelerate fast and have an above-average top speed. The raw power of this vehicle makes it one of the fastest cars on a straight line.

However, the high power that makes The Dominator the GTA 5 fastest muscle car also has its flaw. It is really hard to control this vehicle around corners because of oversteering. This makes the Dominator a very challenging car to play.

Dominator Gtav
Dominator GTA 5

Fastest muscle cars in  GTA Online 2021

5. Sabre Turbo Custom

  • Top Speed: 119 mph

The Sabre Turbo Custom is a variant of the Sabre Turbo. It is slightly faster and heavier than the stock version. It is a solid choice for competitive races. Although, it might not be able to compare to power cars like the Dominator in straight lines. The acceleration and the handling of the vehicle are top-notch.

Sabre Turbo Custom Gta 5
Sabre Turbo Custom GTA 5

4. Gauntlet Hellfire

  • Top Speed: 125 mph

The Gauntlet Hellfire is a top of the line muscle car with high top speed and excellent acceleration. The handling is fine at a lower speed. The car will get out of control easily when hit at high speed. Sliding and spinning out are also big problems of this car.

Gauntlet Hellfire Gta 5
Gauntlet Hellfire GTA 5

3. Gauntlet Classic Custom

  • Top Speed: 125 mph

The Gauntlet Classic Custom is a great improvement from the Gauntlet Classic. It has high top speed and stability to deal with bumps. However, the vehicle has understeer problems at a high speed, causing it to spin out. Any muscle cars fan would love to have this monster in their car collection.

Gauntlet Classic Custom
Gauntlet Classic Custom GTA 5

2. Pisswasser Dominator

  • Top Speed: 126 mph

The Pisswasser Dominator is the race version of the classic Dominator, the GTA 5 fastest muscle car, with improved braking, top speed, and acceleration. This is one of the fast muscle cars in GTA Online on a straight line. However, it still suffers from poor traction due to the engine's immense torque. Still, it is one of the best muscle cars you can get in GTA Online for your money.

Pisswasserdominator Gtavpc Front
Pisswasser Dominator GTA 5

1. Apocalypse Impaler

  • Top Speed: 130 mph

The Apocalypse Impaler was designed after Pachenko's Buick from the movie Death Race. It has better top speed and acceleration because of its lighter weight than the standard Impaler. It also has better brakes. However, the car might lose control if you make a sharp turn, a flaw that carried over from the stock version.

With a top speed of 130 mph, the Apocalypse Impaler is the fastest muscle car in GTA 5 Online 2021.

Apocalypseimpaler Gtao Front
Apocalypse Impaler GTA 5

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