The Orbital Cannon is perhaps one of the most, if not the most, obnoxiously and ridiculously overpowered weapon systems in the Grand Theft Auto universe. It gives you the ability to completely wipe out any player in Los Santos from the comfort of your base.

For how completely OP it is, Rockstar Games adds a 50-minute cooldown between Orbital Cannon shots to limit griefing in Online servers. But what if you can get past this penalty and shoot the weapon for free? Yes, there's an Orbital Cannon GTA 5 glitch. And from the look of it, Rockstar will not patch this annoying bug anytime soon.

Gta 5
You will not walk out from this Orbital Cannon attack.

1. What is GTA 5 Online Orbital Cannon?

We call the Orbital Cannon the "literal griefing tool of destruction". It is a devastating remote-controlled nuclear-level explosive weapon that was first introduced in The Doomsday Heist update of GTA Online. It's pretty much your worst nightmare in every single GTA Online session.

When you put the city's most dangerous criminal, a billionaire and an AI together on a table, this is what they come up with. A system of massive destruction that is capable of wiping out the whole live session from a flying fortress. That sounds like a completely normal thing to us.

How does the Orbital Cannon work?

The Orbital Cannon fires an AOE attack that destroys all lifeforms and destructible props. It will eliminate all players regardless of their cover or armor. In other words, you can destroy everything in the game in a single shot. And there's also the binary effect, meaning you will take the same damage on the edge as in the center of the blast.

Orbital Cannon Gtao Controlroom
This is where you control the ultimate griefer weapon in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online how to Get Orbital Cannon?

You can purchase the Orbital Cannon as soon as you unlock Facility properties. The canon itself comes in at $900,000, which is in fact not that much of a paywall. However, it will set you back $500,000 for a manual shot or GTA $750,000 for an automatic shot. There is also a 48-in-game-hour (48 real-time minutes) cooldown between shots.

How to use the Orbital Cannon?

You can control the Orbital Cannon right from the Facility in the room with a large circular table. There are five control panels on the table, go up to them to access the weapon. The plan is to buy a Facility, buy an Orbital Cannon, access it, pick your target, pay money for your shot, fire away, then wait for it to cool down.

Orbital Cannon Gta 5 Oliberated
There's the Oliberation achievement with the first kill you get from the Orbital Cannon.

2. How to do the Orbital Cannon GTA 5 glitch

The Orbital Cannon is supposed to have a long cooldown and cost a fortune to fire. That's how Rockstar Games plan to balance this amazingly OP weapon system. But as you know, some players manage to break the cannon's cooldown and reset it immediately after each shot.

Basically, the GTA 5 Orbital Cannon glitch 2021 functions like this:

  • Launch GTA 5.
  • Go into passive mode. Enter your facility.
  • When you are in your facility, disable Passive Mode.
  • Go to the Orbital Cannon room and the fire one. You need to pay the first $500,000 for this shot.
  • Back out of the menu, then purchase and fire again.
Orbital Cannon Gta 5 Target
You can target and kill other players multiple times for free.

This glitch, combined with the GTA 5 money glitch makes the perfect combo for any griefer out there. Since the game doesn't reset the spawn location when you're killed by the Orbital Cannon, you will respawn at the same location. That means other players could just spam the Orbital Cannon on you, for free. It's not fun, trust us.

3. Ways to avoid Orbital Cannon attacks

When you're under the Orbital Cannon's radar, you're a goner. It destroys everything within the blast zone, so there's no use hiding inside your vehicle. However, there are a few ways that could get you out of a GTA 5 Online Orbital Cannon money glitch:

  • Use Lester's Off the Radar or VIP/CEO Ghost Organization. You won't appear on the automatic targeting list.
  • Hide inside the apartment, facility to stay out of Orbital Cannon's radar.
  • Go to underground tunnels and buildings.
  • Hide on the 1st floor of the parking lot in Pillbox Hill. The Orbital Cannon can only pierce through 3 floors.
  • If you own a Yacht, hide inside the Yacht Bridge to stay off the automatic targeting list.
Orbital Cannon Gta 5 Use
Stay off the cannon's radar to avoid getting hit.

So far, that is all we have for you regarding the Orbital Cannon GTA 5 glitch. For more guides, tips, and tricks on gaming, visit our website at

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