The recent Los Santos Tuners update in GTA has brought us a ton of new content for cars with new test track races, car customizing, and 10 brand-new cars. These cars are available to purchase from Legendary Motorsports and Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

As usual, all players are curious to know which is the fastest Tuner car in GTA 5? In this article, we are going to make a list of the top 5 fastest Tuner cars in GTA 5 and their specifications.

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5. Annis ZR350

  • Price: $1,211,250 - $1,615,000
  • Top speed: 189.10 km/h

The nods of recognition, the pointing, the fanboys passing out in ecstasy. Witnessing the big power ZR350 revving up to tear a hole through an underground parking lot never gets old. "

Zr350 Gtao Front
Annis ZR350 GTA 5

The Annis ZR350 is an iconic vehicle from GTA San Andreas and now it has returned to GTA Online. The vehicle can speed up to 189.1 km/h in the game. Its price is not too expensive but its performance is so quite mediocre because of the lack of handling. It can be outclassed easily by some new cars in the update.

The vehicle still has great damage resistance, acceleration, and top speed so while it is not the fastest now, it is a decent option.

4. Dinka RT3000

  • Price: $1,286,250 - $1,715,000
  • Top speed: 191.91 km/h

There's more power behind the Dinka RT3000 than the Palmer-Taylor Power Station when they break out the party dust, start the rave, and let the reactor do its thing. It's not a complicated formula, but it works.

Rt3000 Gtao Front
Dinka RT3000 GTA 5

The Dinka RT3000 is also a good all-around car compared to the rest of the cars in the Los Santos Tuners update. It can reach the top speed of 191.91 km/h, making it the fourth-fastest vehicle in the Los Santos Tuners update.

The car has a great range of customization for players to create a unique look for themselves. While the top speed and the acceleration of this car are great, it only ranks number 4 in the list of fastest Tuner cars in GTA 5.

3. Karin Futo GTX

  • Price: $1,192,500 - $1,590,000
  • Top speed: 195.13 km/h

In the way that some forty-year-old frat boys only respond to paddles and hardcore splooshing, the Futo GTX needs a firm hand to reach its optimal performance. In fact, it needs less of a driver and more of a disciplinarian. Enter at your at your own risk, and remember: this thing doesn't have a safe word.

Futogtx Gtao Front
Karin Futo GTX GTA 5

Karin Futo GTX is an expensive upgrade over the regular Futo, which only cost $9,000. The top speed increase is so small that it is negligible. However, players will be able to customize almost anything on this sports car. The acceleration is great and the handling is perfect for people who want to make some drift.

In fact, Karin Futo is always in the list of best drift cars in GTA 5, even after the update in 2021.

2. Karin Calico GTF

  • Price: $1,496,250 - $1,995,000
  • Top speed: 195.13 km/h

Ah, the 90's. Out of a chaotic fusion of grunge, dial-up, thirdwave feminism and feature-length porn came the Karin Calico GTF, a car that took a little bit of everything and made something new: muscle heritage, rally chops, street racer cred. Looks like it's time to drop the sticky VHS and curtain your hair, homeskillet: you've got some homework to do.

Calicogtf Gtao Front
Karin Calico GTF GTA 5

The Karin Calico GTF is the second fastest Tuner car in GTA 5 and also the best racing car in this update. It is also the most expensive car but it is worth every penny to buy the Karin Calico GTF. It can reach the top speed of 195.13 km/h. Both the acceleration and the handling of the vehicle are at the top tier.

With the Low Grip Tires and Stanced setup, it can go up to 246.71 km/h, but the handling will be significantly worse. Like all other cars in the update, there are a lot of customization options for players to choose from.

1. Dinka Jester RR

  • Price: $1,477,500 - $1,970,000
  • Top speed: 201.3 km/h

Experts agree that the world is ending. And other experts agree that the only thing you can do about it is get online and fine tune your consumer choices. Introducing the latest Dinka Jester: the car with the killer smile is back, and this time it's so deadpan we're pretty sure it's not even joking. So stop doomscrolling. You've found it.

Fatest Tuner Car In Gta 5
Dinka Jester RR GTA 5

The Dinka Jester RR holds a top speed of 201.3 km/h, making it the fastest Tuner car in GTA 5. It is the second-most expensive car in the update with a price of $1,970,000.

With a great top speed, decent handling, and acceleration, it can compete against a good number of sports cars in the game. This is also a great option for players who love customizations. While other cars also have customization options, they didn't have as many as the Dinka Jester RR. The modern look of the car also helps it stand out.

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