Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5 missions are paying double the regular GTA cash and RP all week long. It is a benefitting opportunity for those who want to take some anger out and earn some extra money.

For the unknown, Vehicle Vendetta is one of the Adversary game modes and requires reflexes to outlast the opposing team. So to make the most out of this game, here’s how you can play Vehicle Vendetta and win.

Vehicle Vendetta Guide
Hop in GTA 5 Vehicle Vendetta mode and get 2x the number of cash than usual!

How to launch Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5

To start the Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode of this week, follow these launching steps:

  • Open the GTA game on your device.
  • Go to the menu and tap the “Online” section.
  • On the column on the left, click on “Jobs” – “Play Jobs” – “Rockstar Created”
  • Choose the Adversary Mode on the left column and you will see all Adversary Modes displayed beside.
  • On this list, just go straight to the bottom as the last adversary mode is Vehicle Vendetta.

You will see four Vehicle Vendettas and also three Vehicle Vendetta Street versions.

Get in the game mode and start playing to be the last team standing with cars, as the name suggested. How to play Adversary Mode GTA 5 applies the same steps as the above. Players can choose whichever mode they want on the list.

Gta 5 Vehicle Vendetta Launch
How to play Adversary Mode GTA 5: Vehicle Vendetta mode.

How to play Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5

After launching Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode, you will join the missions in teams. Here are some tips to help your team win this Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5 mode and get double cash and RP.

1. Play rules

Each team will have a certain number of lives. 20 lives are the standard settings and can be adjusted to your preference. Each round is 10 minutes and if you're out of your lives, you basically lose. The round is over by then.

Moreover, this mode can be customized as either score dependent, or last alive-dependent. For example, when 10 minutes expire, both teams still have a couple of lives. The team with the most amount of lives will win.

Vehicle Vendetta 2
The player with no life left or the team with fewer amount of lives will lose.

About the street version of Vehicle Vendetta, the only difference is while the original looks like a platform, it is a street map like what we know from the free mode. The rules are exactly the same.

Meanwhile, you may also want to see which the best GTA 5 drift car is to use in your intense battle.

2. List of Power Ups

First of all, the dual machine guns equipped on your car have pretty good damage and make it very easy to kill an opponent. However, the aim is a bit hard. Besides these machine guns, players can collect some upgrades from the floor while playing the game.

They are called power-ups and each of them has an effect to help you defeat the enemy.

  • Bomb: Allocate 3 bombs throughout the map to outlast the pursuing opponents.
  • Beast: Temporarily transform players into a Rhino Tank. The effect remains for 30 seconds.
  • Deadline: Temporarily change the player into the Nagasaki Shotaro. The effect remains for 15 seconds.
  • Detonator: Remove arena objects and obstacles.
  • Flipped: Reverse the opponent team’s controls for steering, brake, and acceleration.
Gta 5 Vehicle Vendetta Beast Powerup
For ex., your car will turn into a Rhino Tank after you pick up the Beast powerup.
  • Ghost: Become transparent, enables driving through other vehicles to steal their power-ups. The effect remains for 10 seconds.
  • Jammed: Force the accelerator on for the vehicle of the enemy team.
  • Random: Apply Chance effect to collect a random power-up, except the Detonator.
  • Repair: Fully restore the HP of the vehicle.
  • Rockets: Fire a rocket wave at incoming drivers to disable them.
  • Zoned: Temporarily slow down every player’s time of all players.

3. List of Vehicle Vendetta maps

There are various maps in Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5 mode. Some of them may be more challenging than others, giving you exciting experiences playing this game mode.

Stage Area Location
1 Blaine County Paleto Bay
2 Blaine County RON Alternates Wind Farm
3 Los Santos Vespucci Canals
4 Blaine County Alamo Sea
5 Los Santos Terminal
6 Los Santos Vinewood
7 Blaine County Paleto Bay

Most popular Adversary Modes in GTA 5

Apart from Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5, Adversary Modes also offers many other challenges. Teams can work altogether and hunt in packs, while pair and aces can as well prove their survival skills when numbers lock horns against them.

Among the 31 Adversary modes in GTA 5, here are the most popular ones as of late.

5. Ressurection

Released on March 28, 2017, this mode pits 2 teams of 4 to 8 players against one another in the match with a swerve: dead gamers are revived when the teammates kill an opponent. Resurrection’s current arena spots are East LS, the RON Wind Farm, the Aircraft Carrier off Elysian Island, Grapeseed, the Grand Senora Desert, and Port of LS.

The deathmatch ends when a team has no player left.


4. Air Quota

For those who can operate a plane in the sky without crashing into things all the time, Air Quota is the best kind of match around.

Air Quota is fun as every time you finish a kill quota, you will be thrown in a lesser aircraft with less maneuverability and weaponry. This move actually balances the game quite well. Your skill to handle different aircraft will be tested, hence creates an extremely thrilling experience.

3. In and Out

In GTA In and Out game mode, gamers are set into two teams: Defenders and Attackers. The Attackers will steal 8 packages from the heavily armed Defenders and bring them safely to their home territory.

When defeated, the Attackers drop the package where they died. In fact, Defenders cannot pick up these bags. Attackers, though, are able to pick it.

Therefore, even unsuccessful transportation will help the Attackers get closer to bringing the prize home.

In And Out
GTA In and Out game mode is an interesting match to try.

2. Sumo

Sumo is a rip-off of LTS maps created by the creator. When the match starts, they will mark a “safe zone” which all players have to reach before 30 seconds run out.

Any vehicle remaining outside the safe zone will be destroyed and the player gets annihilated. Moreover, each safe zone gets smaller than the earlier one. The round continues until the last circle where it is big enough for two vehicles only.

Sumo remix

1. Slashers

And the most popular GTA 5 Adversary mode goes to Slashers.

In this mode, two teams pitted against each other in a dark arena. One group with shotgun and machete-armed maniacs will hunt the other group down. The hunted team only has thermal goggles and flashlights, no weapons.

Each gamer has only 1 life and the groups will change roles every 1 minute. The team that can eliminate all opponents wins.

The Slashers is the most popular GTA Adversary Mode.

Above is everything players need to know about Vehicle Vendetta GTA 5. For more useful guides and tips for gaming, check out on!

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