There are many high-paid jobs in GTA 5 Online that let you earn a lot of money to buy in-game assets. Here are the best GTA 5 online missions that pay the most. You can earn money quickly from these jobs.

Trash Talk
Trash Talk will be harder to complete when you play solo.

#1. Trash Talk ($14,860)

Trash Talk is one of the top GTA 5 online jobs that pay the most. Moreover, it's also the last contact mission in this online version. You will receive this task from Martin Madrazo and do it in El Burro Heights. This job is available for one to six players to earn money.

You should complete the Trash Talk mission within 4 minutes for the highest outcome. This job gives you $3715/minute and 616RP/minute. Finally, you will earn $14,860 and 2466RP after completing.

To complete this highest-paying job in GTA Online, you need to do these tasks.

  • Destroy the garbage trucks on the road.
  • Head to the rival operation in El Burro Heights.
  • Continue to destroy the garbage trucks in El Burro Heights.
  • Eliminate the rival crew.
  • The boss of the rival crew is fleeing away. Take him down.

If the crew boss escapes or all the team members die, you will lose this mission. Try to complete it in the first trial.

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#2. Rooftop Rumble ($14,630)

Rooftop Rumble is also one of the highest-paying solo missions in GTA 5 Online 2021. You should also complete it within 4 minutes to receive $14,630 because you can earn $3,657/minute. It has 4 slots for 4 players to complete together or you can complete it alone.

This is a hard mission that requires you to defeat 31 enemies. Therefore, you should co-op with other players to eliminate them within 4 minutes. Only players above level 75 can unlock this high-paid job. Do these objectives to complete this job.

  • Get to the parking lot.
  • Clear all the Professionals.
  • Steal the documents.
  • Bring the documents to Madrazo's house.

The multiplayer mode allows GTA 5 Online players to team up and complete this job together and reduce the time of the quest. You will fail if your team runs out of lives or the documents are destroyed.

#3. Judging the Jury ($14,240)

Judging the Jury is one of the best missions in GTA 5 online for money in 2021. It gives players $3560/minute and 626RP/minute. Therefore, you can get $14,240 and 2507RP if you complete this mission within 4 minutes. You will receive the job from Martin Madrazo and do it in Los Santos.

Judging the Jury is available for 1 to 8 players to play solo or co-op to complete. Players have to reach level 65 to unlock this job. Your targets in this mission are jurors. Here are all objectives of this job that you have to complete in Judging the Jury.

  • Take out all targets.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Head to Madrazo's house.

To complete this mission quickly, you need to team up. Besides, players need to have good shooting skills. If your team is out of the team's lives or out of time, you will lose the mission. It's one of the easiest money-making jobs in GTA Online 2021.

Judging The Jury
Judging the Jury is one of the best missions in GTA 5 online for money in 2021.

#4. Parking Garage ($13,850)

Parking Garage is also one of the best GTA 5 online missions that pay the most. Players can earn $3,462/minute and $13,850 in total. This job is available for 2 to 4 players. This time, you do the job for Lester Crest and complete it in Pillbox Hill. Like the Rooftop Rumble job, your target is also the document.

You can unlock the Parking Garage job after reaching level 55. Here are five mission objectives that players have to complete.

  • Get to the parking lot.
  • Climb the ladders in the parking lot and get in position.
  • Clear the enemies.
  • Steal the document.
  • Bring the document to Lester's warehouse.

Make sure that your team doesn't run out of lives or you will lose the mission. Try to complete the job within 4 minutes to get the highest earnings.

Parking Garage
Players can earn $3462/minute and $13,850 in total from the mission Parking Garage.

#5. Extradition ($13,650)

Extradition is one of the highest paying jobs in GTA online 2021 that pays you $3412 and 531RP per minute. Then, you will earn $13,650 and 2126RP in total. You will do this job in the military base Fort Zancudo, Los Santos for Martin Madrazo. Your targets are the informant and District Attorney. You are assigned to take a briefcase for the mission giver.

This job is available for players at level 50 and above. You can complete it alone or co-op with five teammates at maximum. Here are all objectives of this job.

  • Break into Fort Zancudo.
  • Take the informant out.
  • Get to Madrazo's house.
  • Take the District Attorney out.
  • Take the briefcase.
  • Bring the briefcase to Madrazo's house.

If your team runs out of lives or you let the informant escape or the District Attorney arrive at the police station, you will fail.

Extradition Gta Online
Extradition is a high-paid job that pays you $3412 and 531RP per minute.

#6. Diamonds Are For Trevor ($13,320)

Diamonds Are For Trevor will grant players $3330/minute and $13,320 in total after you complete it. As mentioned in the quest title, you have to complete it for Trevor Philips. The location of this job is on Paleto Bay. This is one of the best GTA 5 online missions that pay the most and has very few objectives.

Your targets in this job are diamonds that Trevor wants. You can do it alone or team up with three other players at max. Here are all objectives of this job.

  • Steal the diamonds.
  • Bring them to the jetty.
  • Get in the boat.
  • Drive the boat to the drop-off.

You will fail if your team runs out of lives or the diamonds or suntrap is destroyed.

Diamonds Are For Trevor
Bring all diamonds to Trevor and complete the quest.

Those are the top highest-paid GTA 5 online missions that pay the most in a short time. Co-op with your friends and earn a great sum of money now.

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