Mobile Operations Center GTA Missions are special missions in GTA Online that give you discounted prices for weaponized vehicles in Warstock Cache & Carry. Players can start these missions from the Mobile Operations Center via the Living Quater or Command Center.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mobile Operations Center GTA mission list and how to complete them.

What is a Mobile Operations Center GTA 5?

The Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is a modular semi-trailer introduced in the Gunning update of GTA Online. It can be pulled around by any semi-truck car. Players can call the Mobile Operations Center to their location from their Interaction Menu but they have to return it to the bunker before moving it to their location.

Mobileoperationscenter Gtao
Mobile Operations Center in GTA Online

Here is the description of Rockstar Newswire about the Mobile Operations Center:

"For heavy-duty tactical operations on the move, arms dealers can invest in a Mobile Operations Center (MOC), the kind of powerful support usually enjoyed only by trained assassins or rogue nuclear states. Storable in your Bunker, this drivable command center’s modular construction allows for tailored combinations of vehicle workshop, weapons workshop, luxury living quarters, and command center ..."

The Mobile Operations Center price is $1,225,000 and you will have to spend money to install additional Mobile Operations Center GTA upgrades such as Living Quater, Command Center, Weapon Workshop,... It is also the vehicle with the highest defense in GTA Online.

Mobile Operations Center GTA Missions List

There is a total of 8 Mobile Operations Center GTA Missions you can launch. These missions are led by Agent 14 and are prepped with weaponized vehicles. Each mission has a required number of bunker resupply missions to be unlocked. Even if you don't own a MOC, completing bunker resupply missions will still unlock Mobile Operations Center GTA Missions once you buy a MOC.

 1. Severe Weather Patterns

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 2
  • Rewards: Cash, RP, and reduced-price for Dune FAV.

Players will need to take a Dune FAV with a mounted MG to complete this Severe Weather Patterns mission.

Merryweather is moving various aircraft to deploy supplies. Your mission is to stop his crew and destroy Merryweather Cargobob using the Dune FAV.

Mobile Operations Center GTA Missions 1
Severe Weather Patterns Mobile Operations Center mission

2. Half-track Bully

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 4
  • Rewards: Cash, RP, and reduced-price for Half-track

An enemy gang has obtained the special clearance US military equipment and you need to get it back. Players take a Dinghy boat to a location near a warehouse in Banning. Hack the Half-track there to clear the area and deliver it to the drop-off.

Mobile Operations Center mission 2
Half-track Bully Mobile Operations Center mission

3. Exit Strategy

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 6
  • Rewards: Cash, RP, and reduced-price for Anti-Aircraft Trailer

Players take a Nightshark armored SUV and tow one of the three Anti-Aircraft Trailers with different armaments to complete the mission. Your task in this Mobile Operations Center mission number 3 is to protect international allies and customers out of the US before the assassin kills them.

Mobile Operations Center mission 3
Exit Strategy Mobile Operations Center mission

4. Offshore Assets

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 8
  • Rewards: Cash, RP, and reduced-price for APC

A Cargobob will deliver players an APC. Players are going to use this vehicle to get back sensitive cargo. Go to the recovery site, take down all the enemy there and bring the package back to the APC.

Mobile Operations Center mission 4
Offshore Assets Mobile Operations Center mission

5. Cover Blown

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 10
  • Rewards: Cash, RP

In this Cover Blown mission, players need to bring a Hauler Custom and a weaponized Mobile Operations Center to the drop-off. It will need one player to drive the Hauler Custom and one player inside the Mobile Operations Center to defend it.

Mobile Operations Center mission 5
Cover Blown Mobile Operations Center mission

6. Mole Hunt

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 10
  • Rewards: Cash, RP, and reduced-price for Weaponized Tampa

Players will be provided with the Weaponized Tampas for this mission. Your mission is to take down Mobile Jammers, consisting of Mule trucks and the rogue agent.

Mobile Operations Center mission 6
Mole Hunt Mobile Operations Center mission

7. Data Breach

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 12
  • Rewards: Cash, RP

Players first need to go to a tunnel on the side of Interstate 2. Agent 14 says that their servers have been compromised and your mission is to get back the data stored in Oppressor superbikes, protected by Merryweather mercenaries.

Mobile Operations Center mission 7
Data Breach Mobile Operations Center mission

8. Work Dispute

  • Resupply missions to unlock: 14
  • Rewards: Cash, RP, and reduced-price for Oppressor

Players start the mission inside a cargo plane with Oppressor superbikes from the Data Breach mission. The requirement is to destroy Mobile Operations Centers used by rogue IAA agents. You also need to get back the equipment to avoid any evidence of his involvement in the operation.

Mobile Operations Center mission 8
Work Dispute Mobile Operations Center mission

Check out the video below for a walkthrough of all Mobile Operations Center GTA missions.

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