Money is a constant problem in GTA Online, especially with the frequent content updates from Rockstar. You always need to grind some extra dollars for the next shiny vehicle and to accomplish that, investing in the right business is a must.

In this article, we are going to list out the best businesses for passive income in GTA Online.

1 - Bunker

Bunkers are purchasable properties in GTA Online added in the Gunrunning update. They are former military installments that you can buy to produce illegal firearms and sell them all over the city. It is the most profitable passive business, as you can just wait for the meter to fill then do a delivery quest to get the max amount of money.

Bunker in GTA Online

While you can get stock for the bunker yourself, it is best to just buy them using the laptop to save time. When selling, it is best to have a crew of 2 or 4 to cut down on the time needed, as you need to run 4 trips to deplete the whole bar. To understand thoroughly how you can run this business, refer to this GTA 5 Bunker guide for more information.

2 - Cocaine Lockup

The Cocaine Lockup is one of the easier businesses for passive income, as outside of restocking supplies, you won't have to do anything. The facility's staff will take care of the business. Overall, it pretty much runs itself in the background when the player is online.

Coke Lock Up is one of the best Businesses In GTA Online
Cocaine Lockup is one of the best businesses for passive income in GTA Online.

The player can make a whopping profit of $74,000 per hour with a fully upgraded Cocaine Lockup. Starting this business is fairly easy - you can just buy one of the cheapest MC clubhouses from Maze Bank Foreclosures and the cheapest cocaine lockup. You don't even need to do restocking quests, of course - just buy the supplies to get free money with a lower profit margin.

3 - Methamphetamine Lab

Meth Lab is the second most profitable MC Business in GTA Online. It has a lower profit margin and high initial investment cost, so you need to grind it out a little before the whole thing takes off. Steal supplies until you have the last upgrade... and afterward, you can begin to buy supplies from the computer.

For a side business, the Meth Lab is going to be super useful as a side business in GTA Online, providing you with a good passive stream of profit.

 Methamphetamine Lab
Methamphetamine Lab in GTA Online

4 - Counterfeit Cash Factory

The Counterfeit Cash Factory is the third profitable and final MC business that you can just buy supplies and get away with it. Similar to the meth lab, you need to steal supplies in the first few hours until the whole thing is up and running with the last upgrade.

It will only start shelling out big bucks once the player breaks even, which takes 38 tedious hours of gameplay. Afterward, things would be smooth sailing.

Counterfeit Cash Factory
Counterfeit Cash Factory is one of the best businesses for passive income in GTA Online.

5 - Arcade

The arcade is the only business in the game that generates money by itself - you don't even need to provide it with any supplies. The money gained is based on the number of machines you have in your arcade. While this means you won't get much money with an unupgraded arcade, some money is still better than nothing. Upgrading the Arcade is too expensive - only do this if you have spare cash lying around.

The best part about this business is that you can get it for free by connecting your Twitch Prime account to the Rockstar Social Club. Furthermore, you will need the building to do the highly profitable Diamond Casino Heist.

Arcade in GTA Online

This is the end of our guide for the best businesses for passive income in GTA Online. Interested in more of our posts related to this game? Check this article to find out more about the Top 5 GTA Online Vehicles That Rockstar Should Add To GTA 6.