Sports cars in GTA Online have some of the highest price tags. The most expensive ones can cost up to millions of dollars and not many players can afford them. However, their performance is totally worth their price for car lovers. They have high top speed along with fast acceleration and handling.

Here are the top 5 most expensive sports cars in GTA Online with their whopping price tags in 2021.

5. Dinka Jester RR - $1,970,000

The Jester RR is one of the cars that were released in the Los Santos Tuners update. While its price is insanely high, it is clearly the fastest Tuner car in GTA 5 Online. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 201.3 km/h. It also has decent handling and acceleration.

Jester Gtav
Dinka Jester GTA Online

4. Karin Calico GTF - $1,995,000

The Calico GTF is considered one of the best sports cars in GTA Online by many players. It has excellent top speed and acceleration, along with careful handling. It can serve multiple purposes, whether as a getaway vehicle or a racing car on the track.

Calicogtf Gtao Front
Karin Calico GTF GTA Online

3. Annis ZR380 - $2,138,640

The Annis ZR380 is another car from the Los Santos Tuners update that carries a really high price tag. However, its performance is quite average among other sports cars in GTA 5.

The Annis ZR380 is an iconic car in GTA San Andreas. Its return to GTA Online is a pleasant surprise, but the car pretty much only serves as a nostalgic vehicle even though it is one of the most expensive sports cars in GTA Online.

Annis Zr380
Annis ZR380 GTA Online

2. Overflod Imorgon - $2,165,000

The Overflod Imorgon is an electrical vehicle with great handling and acceleration. It can take turns easily at high speed. However, it has a quite low top speed compared to other sports cars in the same price range.

Overflod Imorgon

1. Grotti Itali RSX ($3,465,000)

The Grotti Itali RSX is officially the most expensive sports car in GTA Online with a whopping price tag of $3,465,000. It is the only sports car that is in the $3 million range. It has everything that you can expect to have in a super expensive car, high top speed, great acceleration, and handling. However, its cost might be not justifiable for many players.

Italirsx Gtao Front
Grotti Itali RSX GTA Online

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