Mobile games are diverse and interesting. There are a lot of genres and content for mobile gamers but not many make it to the top. Here are the nine best titles from the mobile games ranking 2021 in terms of their revenue by September.

#1. PUBG Mobile

In the chart of top-grossing mobile games in 2021, PUBG Mobile still maintains the top position with 1,177.44 million US dollars in revenue from January to September.

It's one of the best free mobile games in 2021 since the beginning of the year and also one of the best battle royale games since 2020 according to the chart of App Store Revenue.

However, it seems that PUBG Mobile is less preferred on the Android platform because it ranks eighth in Google Play Store Revenue. But it's still the most downloaded game in the world in 2021. Battlegrounds Mobile India - the Indian exclusive version of PUBG Mobile - is also a hot game.

Pubg Mobile
PUBG Mobile rarely falls off top positions.

#2. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the best mobile games 2021 iOS and Android. It brought miHoYo -  the game developer and publisher - giant benefits. Genshin Impact is not the first game this company launched but it's definitely the most successful one.

With an interesting story and a beautiful game world, Genshin Impact has attracted millions of players all over the world. By September, it has earned 922.95 million US dollars this year. The miHoYo title also became the highest-grossing mobile game in September only despite its scandal at the very first anniversary recently.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact is expanding its popularity.

#3. Honor of Kings

The mobile game Honor of Kings is another product in Tencent games list. It ranks first in the chart of App Store Revenue. However, this game does not rank high in the Google Play Store Revenue chart.

The Honor of Kings is the most popular MOBA game in China and one of the best mobile games 2021 multiplayer. It's available on both Android and iOS platforms. Officially last month, it lost the second rank to Genshin Impact but it still earns 913.6 million US dollars in the first nine months of this year.

Honor Of Kings
'Honor of Kings' is the most popular MOBA game in China.

#4. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game for mobile gamers all over the world. When it was first launched in 2016 by Niantic, Pokemon GO raised a storm in the mobile game industry with its unique gameplay.

After over five years, millions of Pokemon trainers in the world are still playing this game, catching Pokemon, and combating Pokemon in a semi-virtual world. Its 2021 global revenue by September reaches 691.43 million US dollars.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go hasn't got out of the top.

#5. Roblox

Roblox brings players to the ultimate virtual universe. It's suitable for children, teenagers, and people of all ages. There are a lot of interesting mini-games in Roblox for players to enjoy and connect with friends. It earned $665.42 million in total from January to last month.

Roblox is widely preferred because it catches the trend very quickly. For example, after the TV series Squid Games got trending in the world, many minigames adopting challenges in that series are also brought into Roblox. If you are newcomers to this game, referring to Roblox avatar ideas would be the first step to immerse in its world.

Roblox brings players to the ultimate virtual universe.

#6. Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Cygames has launched Uma Musume Pretty Derby in February this year. This studio succeeded in making this game become of the top-grossing games in 2021 although it's only available on the Android platform. This simulation game brings players to an anime world with pretty characters and a stunning game world. Its global revenue by September is $634.18 million in 2021.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby
Uma Musume Pretty Derby brings players to an anime world.

#7. Coin Master

Coin Master is labeled as an 'Adventure Game' in App Store and Google Play Store. It's developed and published by Moon Active. A lot of gamers think that Coin Master is a gambling game because it uses gambling mechanics. In fact, Coin Master is both.

Each player will have some villages to build and develop. They have to earn as many coins as possible to make their village richer and more beautiful. Getting to know Coin Master village prices is a must to begin your journey in this game. Moreover, players can also attack other villages to destroy some constructions.

$622.19 million is the impressive revenue of Coin Master from January until September.

Coin Master
Coin Master is an 'Adventure Game'.

#8. Garena Free Fire

Free Fire ranks first in the list of best mobile games 2021 Android. Like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is also an exciting battle royale game that requires players both shooting and survival skills. Moreover, the game is frequently updated to give players new content and changes in the gameplay.

Free Fire is very popular in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. It's the No 1 mobile game in India in recent years to be exact. Up to last month, it brought Garena $607.55 million.

Garena Free Fire
Garena Free Fire is the top mobile game in India.

#9. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is always one of the best in mobile games ranking 2021. Millions of mobile gamers are playing this legendary puzzle game on Android or iOS platforms. Kids, teens, and adults love moving colorful candies and solve puzzles. The ranking system and attractive rewards make Candy Crush Saga really addicting.

$527.42 million is the global revenue that Candy Crush Saga brought King Mobile in the first 9 months of 2021.

Those are the top nine titles in the mobile games ranking 2021. Have you downloaded them to play and have fun yet? Let's try and tell us if you like them in the comment.

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