The list of the most popular mobile games in India has been changed a lot after the Chinese app ban. PUBG Mobile and many other mobile games published by Chinese game companies have been banned in this country. Let's go to find out the top 1 mobile game in India here with

Garena Free Fire - No.1 Mobile Game In India After Ban

Shooting games seem to be the trending games in India. Before the Chinese app ban in India, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are the two most popular mobile games in this country. Then, PUBG Mobile has been banned in India due to the Chinese app ban. Now, Garena Free Fire occupies the position of the no 1 mobile game in India.

Free Fire
Free Fire is the no.1 mobile game in India now.

This action game was launched by Garena International, a Singaporean game publisher on September 30th, 2017. It's available to download and play on Android and iOS devices. Besides, it's the top-grossing game app on Google Play Store in India now. According to the latest statistics, this mobile game has occupied this position for months.

Free Fire is an exciting third-person perspective shooting game. It features rank, missions, challenges, skins, and currencies for players to farm. Moreover, this game is compatible with mid-end devices.

COD: Mobile - Top 1 Mobile Game In India 2020

After the ban, COD: Mobile rose up to become one of the most popular mobile games in India. It's in third place in the list of top-grossing Android apps in this country. Featuring similar gameplay to PUBG Mobile, COD: Mobile soon attracted a lot of mobile gamers.

Cod Mobile
A lot of Indian mobile gamers switched to CoD Mobile after the PUBG Mobile ban.

The game developed by Activision brings players to a fierce battleground. Besides, it also features a wide range of game modes, maps, weapons, equipment, and supplies. It's also free to download and play on iOS and Android platforms. Therefore, a lot of Indian mobile gamers switched to this shooting game after the PUBG Mobile ban.

Coin Master - An Exciting Casual Game

Coin Master is the third most-played Mobile game in India. A lot of Indian mobile gamers are playing this casual mobile game that could make it soon become one of the top 1 mobile games in this country. This free single-player game doesn't feature strained and fierce battles but it's still interesting. Coin Master has relaxing but fascinating gameplay.

Coin Master
Coin Master is a free single-player game on iOS and Android.

You will join the Coin Master world and Facebook friends by logging in with your Facebook account. Then, players will earn coins to build their villages. You also attack other players and destroy their villages to earn more coins. In contrast, other players can also attack and destroy your villages. Therefore, you need to earn coins to repair.

Teen Patti by Octro - India's No 1 Mobile Game

This Casino game is the top-grossing Indian mobile game in Google Play Store now. It was developed by Octro, an Indian game developer. Apart from shooting game, casino game is also a trending game genre in this country. That's why Teen Patti by Octro is the 7th most-grossing Android app and 4th most-played mobile game in India now.

Teen Patti Byoctro
Teen Patti Byoctro is the no.1 casino game in India

The game developer added many game modes to this game, such as cricket betting, private table, 3-2-1 tournament mode, public table, etc. It will bring Teen Patti players more interesting experiences. You can also connect with friends or join other players across the world.

eFootball PES 2021 - No 1 Sports Game In India

Sports games are also popular in India. Cricket and football games are very welcomed in this country. Significantly, eFootball PES 2021 has ranked up this month to become the 8th most-grossing app in Google Play Store and the no.5 most-played mobile game.

Efootball Pes 2021
One of the hottest sports mobile game in India is eFootball PES 2021

This mobile football game was developed and published by Konami. Playing eFootball PES 2021, you will take the role of both coach and players on the football ground. You can shoot, dash, through, and pass like pro players. Moreover, it features all renowned football players in the world, such as L. Messi, C. Ronaldo, D. Beckham, F. Totti, etc. When ranking up, you can buy more famous players and control an all-star line-up to win every match.

Clash Of Clans - No.1 Strategy Game

It has been one of the top mobile games in India for years since it was launched in 2012. Supercell published Clash Of Clans on Android and iOS platforms for free. Then, it has been one of the most favorite mobile games in the world so far.

Clash Of Clans
Clash Of Clans is the no.1 strategy game in India now.

This strategy game lets players join millions of other players from all over the world. Each of you will have your own Clan to build your own village, raise the troops, go on attacks, and more. Supercell developed a user-friendly gaming environment to bring you the best gaming experience with Clash of Clans.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is another representative of the casual game category in this list of the top mobile games in India. It's an amazing game product of King, an offspring of Activision Blizzard. A lot of people love this relaxing and fun game. It was launched in 2012 and took a storm to the gaming industry.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga has been one of the most popular mobile games in the world for years.

After the great success of Candy Crush Saga, King developed and released many sequels of it, such as Candy Crush Soda Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, etc. With simple and interesting gameplay and colorful graphics, this game attracted a lot of players of all ages.

Those are the top 7 mobile games in India. Which is the top 1 mobile game in India on your phone now? Leave the name on the comment to let us know. To update the latest mobile game news, let's visit our website.