By next year, it's estimated that over 45% of the demographic who own a smartphone are mobile gamers. Technology has gone a long way, making smart devices and internet speeds capable of running even the most demanding titles. But that also paves the way for a series of controversial issues.

Mobile Gaming
Mobile gaming is now a thriving industry

You may have already heard about the adverse effects of mobile gaming as "advertised" on social media and the news. But, the reporters tend to leave out the good side of the story, you know, to draw in more attention. We're here today to fix that! Let's check out the four positive effects mobile gaming could have on players.

4 Positive Effects of Mobile gaming

1. Enhance Cognition

Mobile games are said to be good for our cognition, and scientific researches have even backed up this claim. To illustrate, German scholars found gaming beneficial to our problem-solving skills and memory. Casino games that include mathematic equations like blackjack are the most effective.

Mobile Games Sensor Tower
Mobile games can enhance your cognition

2. Delay the Onset of Dementia

There have been various researches into the effects of mobile gaming. One, in particular, has found that some titles can even delay the onset of dementia. It points out that by keeping our brains busy with gaming challenges and puzzles, we can prevent them from any cognitive decline, especially in whom with dementia.

3. Develop a Better World

There are mobile games out there that could inspire the real world via a virtual one. A fine example is a kids' title called Tree Story, where players grow trees in the game. It teaches children the awareness of our current world. Apart from the recreational value, the game also educates people about the necessity to help society and the environment.

tree story
Tree Story will educate our future generations

4. Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

When you play games on the Wii console and have to perform actions correctly to score points, you're also practicing hand-eye coordination. It's also a crucial skill to have in normal life, especially when driving. Developing hand-eye coordination can help you perform better motor skills.