Warriors of Waterdeep is a much-needed addition to the increasingly stale RPG genre on mobile. The gameplay is solid, but more importantly, there is absolutely no autoplay, no gacha, and no in-app purchases included in this turn-based strategic RPG. This is what a mobile RPG should be like.

You start out with only 2 heroes to get used to the combat system, which is pretty traditional: You move your characters around the battlefield and choose which enemy to strike or which skill to use. The cool thing is, almost every action you perform in combat can proc a bonus effect. When you attack an enemy, you have a chance to trigger another blow. Upon moving, you might trigger a taunting effect on enemies, and so on.

Warriors of Waterdeep Official Trailer

While these bonuses appear randomly, they do play a part in your strategy.  For example, the Cleric has a decent chance to cast a healing spell on an ally when he moves, so you might want to skip an attack turn and move him for a chance to heal your party instead. This mechanic acts as a way to shake up the combat system, which is otherwise as simple as tapping on an ability and then tapping on enemies to perform it.

Warriors Of Waterdeep Review 1
You get a chance to trigger a bonus effect with almost every action, which is a nice little mechanic

And the biggest compliment we have to give to Warriors of Waterdeep is that it includes absolutely no autoplay or gacha whatsoever. Yes, it’s pretty sad that something that should have been the norm is now something that a game deserves huge praises for, but with the situation being as it is, Warriors of Waterdeep is a highly welcome breath of fresh air to a genre as full of lazy cashgrab as mobile RPG.

Upon completing a level, you’ll be rewarded with a chest that contains items and gold. You can then equip these items to your heroes to improve their stats. Moreover, items also provide new skills and bonus effects to your characters as well, so even a piece of equipment that appears boring at first glance can be exactly what you are missing. While not groundbreaking by any means, this system does add an extra level of depth to character progression and customization.

Warriors Of Waterdeep Review 2
There is no gacha or IAP in the game

All in all, we’re having a pretty good time with Warriors of Waterdeep. It’s not exactly what you’d call a great strategy-RPG, but if you’re on the look for an RPG on mobile with solid gameplay and none of the usual gacha, IAPs, or autoplay crap that are all over the market these days, this is one of your few options.